A Family Day Visiting Coral Island Blackpool and A Walk On The Beach.

How amazing has October been so far? Ok I know we have had the odd bad day, but as a whole its been pretty perfect. And perfect October days are just crying out for long walks.

Last weekend we decided with the promise of blue skies the weather was looking to be picture perfect, we could wrap up and enjoy a family day. A beach walk was in order followed by a couple of hours in Coral Island Arcade.

What to do with kids in Blackpool
What to do in Blackpool
A view on the beach in Blackpool

I have to say I have a love hate relationship with arcades. But hear me out!

As a child I adored visiting arcades at the seaside with my family. Family holidays and days at the seaside were such a treat.

The excitement of  playing the camel derby or a game of bingo, collecting all your tickets up to choose a prize at the end. It was all so exciting.

And then I grew up and decided I didn’t like arcades. No reason just decided I loved cities and museums more. 

However this is what I didn’t factor, you see we are a city family, which is odd as we live in the country.

But kids love the beach, they love arcades and penny machines and all the flashing lights. Sometimes as an adult you just need to get over yourself and relax a little.

And that is what I did on Saturday, after a long walk on the beach we headed over to Coral Island with an open mind. Because Joe was desperate to visit and our boys are growing up too quickly. And one thing I have learnt lately is that you have to create those childhood memories before it’s too late and your children are starting to venture out of that nest.

Family days out in Blackpool
How can you win tickets at Coral Island
games for teenagers at Coral Island Blackpool

So as we walked under the very impressive entrance of Coral Island I left the adult version of me outside. And within minutes was stood in front of the Zoltar machine. OMG as I stood looking at the iconic game, that also featured in one of my fave old movies I asked myself when did I get so boring. When did I turn my nose up at the good old British seaside fun?

This year has been all about conquering fears, swimming with sharks, surfing and taking down those barriers. But as I stood looking at Zoltar I realised that what this machine stands for, spoke volumes. You probably had to be there, and have seen BIG but it was a real moment for me. 

You only live once, I say that ALL THE TIME, but that had got lost in translation along the way. Because you also have to let down those barriers and have fun.

Traditional favourites at Coral Island

Coral Island is a wonderful mix of new and old and that is what appealed to me. Some of my old favourites were very much present, such as the camel derby and prize bingo.

I loved how the old favourites were still popular, and so well maintained. Not sad and unloved, but very much standing proud against their newer more advanced games. I felt like a child again as we rushed from one game to the next. Struggling to keep up with bingo, and laughing at Joe’s reaction and he played the VR game and making him ride the Pirate Flyer with me whilst Chris watched us from below.

Virtual reality games at Coral Island

Coral Island felt fresh, clearly a lot goes into keeping it current and training staff. Everyone was friendly and smiling, the atmosphere was great. Joe said it reminded him of the kids casino in Vegas. If you haven’t been to Vegas before it is a huge compliment, everything is very sparkly there.

I also have to comment on the halloween theming which looks great. The Buccaneer bar and grill looked super spooky with all its halloween decor.

Halloween theme at Coral Island Blackpool
Kids eat free at Coral Island Blackpool

After collecting up all of Joe’s tickets and collecting his prize. A slime kit, which felt like the biggest decision he ever had to make! We decided it was time for lunch.

Collecting Prizes At Coral Island
Collecting prizes at Coral Island

Joe had his heart set on fish and chips. So we headed for the onsite fish and chip restaurant.

Where kids eat free with every adult meal, and the large fish and chips is humongous. Watching Joe with the biggest grin on his face. Having had a thoroughly fantastic morning made me realise that sometimes its the simple things that make those amazing family memories. Our morning at Coral Island was so much fun, and days like this are priceless.

A few practical things about Coral Island 

Where is Coral Island? Coral Island is minutes walk from Blackpool Tower on the Central Promenade, Blackpool FY1 5DW

Opening Hours, Coral Island is open 10 am till midnight. 

The nearest parking to Coral Island is Bonny Street Car Park. Which is only a couple of minutes walk.  Bonny St, Blackpool FY1 5AR

Dining options at Coral Island? There are 4 restaurants and kids under 10 eat free, 1 child with every full paying adult.


Disclaimer, this is an advertisement feature. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. I want to thank the lovely people at Coral Island for reminding me it’s important to be a child again every now and then.


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  1. 24th October 2018 / 12:38 pm

    I haven’t been to Blackpool since I was a child. It sounds like a lovely day out, I really should visit with my children sometime my teen loves the arcades x

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