Ikos Oceania Holidays For Kids And Teens

Booking an all inclusive family holiday is a huge responsibility, and the older your children get the more they seem to have an opinion on how, and where you travel.

Here is what the boys loved about Ikos Resorts. And why Ikos Oceania in Halkidiki Greece is a great family holiday for kids and teens.

Over the years this lucky pair have had some incredible family holidays.  We have tried to keep them busy and active with tours, adventures, kids sporting activities and sometimes kids clubs. As a family we have booked holidays that require stamina with lots of sports. Because that is what motivates these two, keeping busy.

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania 1

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania

We rarely do relaxing or beach holidays, in my mind I had to keep them busy.

However staying at Ikos Resorts 5 star all inclusive in Greece  has turned that theory on its head a little. As for me, this was the most relaxing, beautiful and luxurious family resort.

Yet for the boys, Ikos Oceania is full of exciting sporting activities. It’s a place to meet friends, and a place where they learnt to chill a little too. It is the perfect resort for a luxury family holiday.

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania

I think it is most definitely about balance, if a resort advertises itself as a super fun family resort I will run for the hills, this is just not my bag at all.

Ikos does families in style

It offers family activities to bring the best out in kids, and lots of this for our two was geared around sport. Jack was most concerned about visiting a relaxing resort, relaxing seems hard when you are a teen, oh yes he can sleep all day.

The Wifi is great

But when he is awake he needs to be mentally stimulated. As soon as we arrived and he found the wi-fi was better at Ikos Oceania than at home he was fine. He happily got onto social media to inform his fellow teens that he would not be dropping off the face of the earth for a week.

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania

If you stay in the deluxe collection rooms at Ikos Olivia you could also order an Xbox to your room, for use during your stay

So hoorah Jacks part in the pretend world of FIFA was secure, and he could still defend his FIFA status from Greece, whilst the rest of us were getting ready for dinner each evening. The teens were happy.

Joe instantly fell in love with the pools at Ikos Oceania

As I mentioned in my last post, the space around the pools was incredible. No sardines or reserving sunbeds at Ikos resorts in Greece. There are so many beds, and pools at this luxury all inclusive resort in comparison to the size of the site. Not only does this give a luxurious feel, there is plenty of space for kids to enjoy the pools. Including the deluxe pool, the boys had a choice of 3 pools. As a result we found ourselves moving around throughout the day, depending on what was going on in what pool.

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania 1

There is a wonderful sports programme for kids and teens organised by the team at Ikos Oceania

Whilst we were staying there were daily games of beach volleyball, pool volleyball, and football. Both of the boys got involved at some point during our stay, but Joe set his day by the kids sports activities available.

It was wonderful, and being supervised by a fantastic team, who involved adults and kids alike, the atmosphere was always fantastic. Hats off to the Ikos team as they really knew how to make these sessions challenging for adults and teens yet were kind to the smaller kids.

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania

You could also play tennis, and hire bikes. The sports facilities are great with a full all-weather pitch/tennis courts to play on. In the summer months Ikos also offer a football/tennis academy in the sun.

The luxury all inclusive food was a real success too! When you are traveling with kids it is so easy to sometime go with the easy option. But at Ikos Resorts the boys really went out of their comfort zones and tried lots of new and exciting a la carte dishes, they came away having really extending their palates.  The dining is exceptional and it was great to see the boys explore the menus and love the wonderful food as much as we did.

There was a kids club At Ikos Oceania

Joe did not have time for this! There is also a park which he did venture to with his friends on one or two occasions, a mini area on the beach which was manned by a qualified Nanny, and a movie theatre with comfy sofas that shows family movies in the evenings.

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania 1

There is a water-sports area on the beach could be used initially as part of your all inclusive package.

The boys loved the fab water sports area on the beach, where you can try out windsurfing, canoeing, pedalos and paddle boarding. (one activity a day as part of the all inclusive package) You can also book an introductory scuba diving lesson Chris and Jack loved this. At an extra cost you can book a course, which I believe is on the plan for our next visit.

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania 1

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania 1

My Captured Moment, Out At Sea A

I could go on, the boys adored Ikos Oceania.  It is the perfect location in Greece for sporty families. So much so that the boys have asked us to boycott our plans of visiting Florida next year, as they are desperate to revisit Ikos Resort. And do know what I do believe that is exactly what we will do. It’s not often everybody comes home from a family holiday 100% happy, but this was truly the case with Ikos Oceania it is the ultimate luxury all inclusive resort in Greece.

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Why Ikos Oceania Is the perfect luxury Family Resort