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Z Frame Cases, Perfect For Travelling Light

When I got the opportunity to try out Z Frame lightweight suitcases I was so excited

I had visions of whisking through Heathrow Airport on the way to my flight with my super lightweight pink cases. They were so pretty and I don’t have much pink in my life. Yes, I could see myself with a set of pink Z Frame suitcase of my very own.

cases 2
Then the reality check kicked in, really, when do I push a suitcase? Hmm yes I had better order blue as the truth is I don’t push cases, Chris does. I am painfully aware of how that makes me look. But I wouldn’t want to lie, put you under false illusions, my wonderful husband is the one that looks after the cases.

I did consider telling him the lovely people at Z Frame would only let me try the pink!

But really? The least I could do was to get him a colour he liked ha ha.

Cases 1

When they arrived I was super thrilled with them, they have so many great features. They are made of Ripstop Parachute Fabric, at first I was a bit concerned about them being fabric, but since they arrive I have taken then on several trips and they still look like new, they are so resilient.

The Z Frame Cases have a lightweight aluminum frame,

Ttrust he they are so lightweight that when I put them on my balcony to take the photos, the wind caught hold of one and nearly blew it off the balcony.

They have 360-degree swivel wheels to make them nice and easy to manoeuvre

.All of these features together make a great little case. We have the set of 3 which were put through their paces during our Q Hop a couple of weeks ago. They are really sturdy and the fact that they are so lightweight meant that even when full to bursting they were manageable.

suitcase 3

 I recently took the small Frame case to London on a little blog trip and was able to manage the underground with great ease.

The large handle made it so easy to lift on and off the tube trains and up and down all those underground escalators and stairs.

I also love the choice of colours, there are quite a few to choose from, so I actually struggled choosing between several shades. I am still thinking I may get a pink case just for me, for blogging events, and girl’s weekends. You know the times when I have to pull the case myself ha ha.

Overall, I love the Z Frame suitcases, they are super lightweight, very cool looking

I love the styling of them. Perfect for a family holiday and would look great in a large set of different colours.They are easy to use, although we have found them easer to wheel side-wards and pull. But for some reason they are harder to push in front of you. They are also great value at between £150 and £200 for a set of three cases; I just need a pink one now just for me.



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Mini Travellers

Friday 24th of July 2015

We love ours too. you definitely need to get yourself a pink one too for your #metime trips


Saturday 25th of July 2015

Ooh Yes Karen I so do, I am loving the cases, they are so light weight x

Hayley (@hayleyfromhome)

Monday 22nd of June 2015

You definitely deserve a pink one for you! They look fab, when you have to travel with a few suitcases it is always good if they are lightweight and perfect for little weekends away too xx


Monday 22nd of June 2015

Do you know Hayley i think you are right i just might treat myself to one, they are so lovely and the pink is a great shade too x

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.