Where To Find Street Art In Manchester

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This week we spent a glorious day in the sunshine exploring Manchester Graffiti In And Around The Northern Quarter. If you haven’t explored the street art in Manchester then it’s a must. Not only is is a great way to explore off the beaten path of Manchester, but also a great way to get a feel for the city, some pieces also reflects the mood.

All the artwork we have shared is amazing for a different reason, some the glorious bright colours, the honesty, detail, pure joy they bring, and some are just what you expect graffiti to be. However in some, the detail is such they can pass as photos. We all all choose different favourites, I know Joe and I did.

Street Art In And Around Manchester And The Northern Quarter

Manchester Graffiti In And Around The Northern Quarter

Manchester has so much to offer as a city, there is so much to do, incredible places to eat, offers theatre and shows to suit all tastes. You don’t have to look far to find something exciting to do and see for all the family.

Thus we have created a little guide with some of the art we came across during our trip exploring Manchester Graffiti in and around The Northern Quarter. We have also created a printable map with flags to print off and help you find cool art, not all totally family friendly. However that is a choice for you to make.

Where Can I find Street Art In Manchester? Check Out Our Northern Quarter Manchester Graffiti Guide Map

Check out our map, to save it right click and save then print off or save to your phone for an easy guide to find street art in Manchester. All the streets are not on, however you use Newton Street as a guide it is pretty easy to work your way around.

A.. Graffiti Street Art Map Of Manchester

Street Art And Graffiti In Manchester By Street

1. Hilton Street

This is a great one to start with, the detail is spectacular and it really spurs you on to see more.

Graffiti on Hilton Street In Manchester

2. Back Piccadilly

Manchester Street Art At Back Piccadilly Manchester

3 Newton Street.

All positioned on shutters on the side of a building, which when we visited in the afternoon were all closed.

Graffiti on Newton St
newton st Street Art
Space boy street art on Newton Street In Manchester
Street Art On Newton Street
Graffiti on Newton Street

4. Corner Of Faraday and Dean Street.

This bird mural is stunning, but because of its location its easy to walk past and it go unnoticed and great reason whilst you should always look up!

Bird Wall Street Art Farady Street

5. A Smiley Face On Port Street

Art On Port Street Manchester

6. Port Street

Both of these walls sit next to each other on opposite sides on the road in a car parks.

Art On Little Pit St, Port St Car Park In The Northern Quarter
car park of port st

7. China Lane Manchester Graffiti

Manchester Graffiti on China Lane

8. Porky Pig On Tariff Street

See below for more info on the Loony Tunes Graffiti Trail.

Manchester Loony Tunes Graffiti Trail, Tariff Street Manchester

9. Graffiti Wall By the Canal

We were lucky enough to watch this masterpiece in progress it is truly incredible. Be sure to look from all angles as there is so much detail. A great aspect is stood on the canal bank as the city peeks behind the smile of the Daisy.

Rochdale canal behind the Dakota
Photo Art On The Rochdale Canal

10. The Rainbow Wall Off Ducie Street

The rainbow wall leads on from the wall above and leads you back onto the streets. Its a glorious walkthrough filled with colour.

Just of Ducey st behind the Dakota

11. Rochdale Canal Just Before The Dakota Hotel

This piece of art is hiding just off the main road, however its worth checking out and then walking back along to number 9 and 12. This piece not be as artistic as some of of the others, but the colours look great against the canal and as you look down you can just see the Daisy of number 9 peeking at you.

Art On The Canal Side off Auburn St

12. Auburn Street Mural

I have no idea how but we nearly walked past this, I mean how could you? The work and detail in this piece is just spectacular, so much to see! From the hand releasing the Manchester Bee to his shoes and trousers. Everything has so much detail if you just stop and take the time to look.

Auburn St Art In Manchester-2
Art on Auburn St Manchester

Manchester Loony Tunes Graffiti Trail

We caught this image in Spinning-fields just on the stairway by Mulberry and how cute is it?

Spinning-fields next to Mulberry-2

The Manchester Loony Tunes Graffiti Trail would be a great summer activity for kids and teens, in fact it’s one we intend to go back and do! Each piece of art includes a hidden QR code which will take you to a virtual map to find other locations.

I would recommend starting at one end of Manchester and letting the kids use the codes to discover the rest. Check out the can in the above image, its so much fun.

Loony Tunes Street Art In Manchester Can Be Found At.

  • Spinningfields
  • Deansgate Square
  • First Street
  • Circle Square
  • Canal Street
  • 111 Piccadilly
  • The Pen and Pencil
  • Common (left side)
  • Common (right side)
  • Primark
  • Exchange Square tram stop
  • Printworks

And if you are visiting Manchester at Christmas, check out where Collette recommends where you can see Santa in and around Manchester.

This is just a tip of the iceberg for Manchester Graffiti and Art Murals, however is a great place to start. If there are any you think we should see or add to this guide please do let me know and happy Graffiti hunting.

Sarah & Joe

where to See Manchester Street Art, a guide to street art in the Northern Quarter

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