We Will Rock You, Country Walks And Cooking


Whoah how is February already, January has not only flow it has been quite kind hasn’t it? Let’s hope we get through this winter without any snow. Snow is for Christmas it no place any time afterwards.

I feel as though we have drifted through the month in a state of calm which really was very welcomed. This week has been another busy one, although you wouldn’t expect anything else would you?

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Red flowers

Chris’s Birthday

Chris had a lovely but quiet birthday, I knew this year could be a tough one, celebrating after loss is sort of essential but hard. And going on with life with a piece missing is not easy. But family and time are great healers.

Today we are off on windy cold country walk, with the sight of a warm log burner in a country pub in sight. We had planned to go into town but thought the country option was far better.

Seeing We We Will Rock You

You know how much I love theatre, however We Will Rock You is a different level. If you love Queen then it will blow you away. Although it’s nothing about Queen. My review is HERE. The story is crazy, the set is mind blowing and the music is of course epic. I was so overwhelmed by it I cried!

Making Home Made Bolognese

This is another of our go to staples meals, something we have cooked for years, yet I have never thought to share. My bolognese is a little different as I add mayonnaise to it, but don’t knock it till you try it, it’s amazing and healthy, which is always a winner.

slimming world bolognese sauce

New Boots And Country Walks

We are always out and about walking and Chris’s biggest peeve is that no matter what shoes I wear, I get blisters on long walks. That is until I got my Hotter boots in autumn. A couple of weeks ago I took delivery of a shiny new pair of walking boots from Hotter so I put them to the test Sunday.

This is never a popular choice in our house as the testing trip results in blisters, but omg my feet were toasty, warm and blister free, and they are stylish. How hard is it so find stylish walking boots?

We had a wonderful wintry walk, sometimes you just need to get out no matter what the weather.

Best walking boots for a family walk
Family walking in the country
comfy warm walking boots

Pretty New Lingerie

And at the opposite end of the scale I took delivery of a gorgeous new lingerie set from Fantasie, you know how I believe its important to feel as good on the inside and the outside? Well, look how pretty these are? I know, just gorgeous!

New pretty Lingerie from Fantasie
Fantasie Lingerie

And I think that’s it, its been a week of deadlines, family time and some lovely treats.

The Week Ahead?

Today we are off on a long walk, but the rest of the weekend will be spent chilling, getting jobs done and family time. Next week I have lots of blog stuff to focus on, all very exciting but more behind the scenes soft of stuff, including a bit of blog audit on Cruising With Kids for which we are so excited.

Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans.

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4 thoughts on “We Will Rock You, Country Walks And Cooking”

  1. We Will Rock You sounds amazing. I’m sure I’d like to see that. I love your boots, I hope you avoided any blisters, a winter walk sounds delightful. I love your bowl in your first picture, I’ve been looking for something just like that for a while.
    Belated Happy Birthday to Chris. x

  2. Ahh! We are are wanting snow here. We live in a pretty rural area so everything will come to a stop. The kids are hoping for days off school & college. lol
    Happy birthday to Chris!
    I read your review of We Will Rock you and it sounds amazing!
    Mayonnaise in a bolognese?! That does sound interesting.
    The boots sound amazing! Happy walking x

  3. Glad your new walking boots were nice and comfortable throughout your walk. That bolognase looks delicious – we haven’t had a bolognase for ages and seeing yours makes me tempted to have it again soon. We Will Rock You sounds amazing – so glad you had a lovely time. Glad that Chris was able to enjoy his birthday too. The first one after a loss is so very hard x #WotW

  4. Happy birthday to Chris for last week, I’m glad he had a lovely day celebrating seems hard after a loss but I’m sure his loved one would have wanted him to. Hotter footwear is just the best isn’t it, I have a 4-year-old pair that I wear every day on the school run they are so comfortable. Your walk looks so nice, I prefer walking this time of year everything feels so much fresher. We Will Rock You sounds amazing, I’ve heard lots of good things about it. Hope you had a lovely weekend x


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