Trenches, Rain And Kitchen Planning


This week has been a whirlwind yet when I sit and think about what I have achieved its nothing! How does that happen some weeks? I suppose I am being a bit hard on myself there, as most things I have done have an end goal, or spending time with people I love.

Also Joe has been off school for most of the week, he was suffering from dizziness and sickness which we thought was a bug. But after 48 hours of no improvement we got an emergency doctors appointment, thank goodness we did as he had an inner ear infection. After a couple of days of antibiotics he was much better thank god. You know when Joe is ill as he is quiet and that is rare!!

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Ive taken no pictures whilst out and about, well apart from ugly trenches and diggers and that is just not exciting at all.

Although it should be, as they are steps to our gorgeous garden room which will be finished at some stage in our lives. But if you have ever been in the middle of a building project you will know that feeling, that its never going to end!

After all that rambling, here is what we have been up to this week!

The Build

We have a trench and are now waiting for concrete to be pumped in for the foundations. Chris and the boys spend all weekend digging out with a digger. Plus drains have had to be redirected. The rain has not been our friend, at one stage we were rather swanky and had a moat!

A big concern for me was Toby being able to get across to get to the garden, however it turns out he is a pro and walking the plank. He hates change but is totally embracing the build. He seems to see himself as site supervisor and has sat and watched over all stages of the build so far! I am not quite sure what the builders and glazers are going to thing of this though?

New Lingerie

When you are surrounded with mud, getting a beautiful parcel is exactly what you need. I just love this Imogen set from Fantasie and the co-ordinating Smoothease briefs for wearing under fitted trousers and dresses are genius. I just love this, sometimes that limits what lingerie you can choose. And I am obsessed with matching.

Cricut Vinyl And Planning Cushions

I had a lovely bundle of Cricut iron on vinyl arrive this week which is amazing as I am planning to personalise quite a few cushions for the garden room. I want the accent colours to all be bright and cheery, so these are perfect. There plan is to have quite funky cushions, some with pom pots, cactuses, maybe a tiger I am still mulling it all over but I have an overall look in my mind.

Catching Up With Friends

I have had a few opportunities to catch up with friends I haven’t seen for ages which is fab. Sometimes life slips away from you doesn’t it? Its so important to make the effort and time for your friends. And I don’t know about you but I really feel spending time with my friends is valuable? Even though we don’t do it enough.

Loving The Gym Again

Its been hit and miss since I’ve been back at the salon, but I am now getting into a routine and fitting my classes in. Some days I really feel like I don’t have time but have been forcing myself to make the effort and I feel so much better for it.

Watching Killing Eve

Omg Killing Eve has blown my mind, everyone was talking about it when it first started but we were watching something else. Its all a bit crazy I have no idea where its going, but wow!

Reading Finale

I have adored the Caraval books so far and Finale is looking as promising as the rest. It takes me ages to read a book but am thinking this one will be finished before the end of our River Cruise.

The Week Ahead

Today we are off for more discussions on the kitchen planning, Magnet never did get back to us with a price even after I prompted them, what makes me cross is the two hours I spent with them choosing designs. What a total waste of our time. However so far Howdens service has been great so we are going to chat with them about fitting all we want into out budget.

Next week is going to be the quiet before the storm and the following couple of week are going to be CRAZY, so next week will be filled with packing and organisation.

Of course between the quiet I am working two days and have two gym classes a dog to walk, washing and packing to do and family life to negotiate, but thats all in a days work for us mums right? See how I missed out cooking, if I said I did that Chris would have a total thrombo ha ha! . But hey you only live once.

Have an amazing week whatever you are up to.

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Disclaimer, the Lingerie set was gifted and this post has an affiliate link.

7 thoughts on “Trenches, Rain And Kitchen Planning”

  1. Building work. I feel your pain. The dust and the mud get everywhere. Pretty parcels seem a perfect contrast. So pretty! It is amazing how time slips by between seeing friends. I’m very guilty of that. Hope Joe is feeling better now. #WoTw

  2. Poor Joe, glad he is feeling better now. You having a moat made me giggle ā€“ Iā€™m sure it sounds so much better than it was in reality! That lingerie set is so pretty. Love matching undies. Good luck with the kitchen planning this week šŸ™‚ #WotW

  3. Oh poor Joe, and yes you know when teens are ill as they are quiet. We just finished watching Killing Eve last night, and I can’t believe that Jodie Comer is only 26, what an amazing actress she is. I saw your kitchen design on stories today and it looks amazing, but how annoying that Magnet never bothered to get back to you. They obviously don’t want your money !! xx

  4. The lingerie is gorgeous, nothing better than having underwear that feels good. I am glad you got to the root of the problem with your son as he is feeling better with some antibiotics X #wotw

  5. Sorry I’m so late stopping by, I’ve had a manic week myself. I’d hate to live with all that building going on, I guess you just have to keep your focus on the end result which I’m sure is going to be amazing. And of course, some lovely new lingerie will always make things better. Thanks for linking up to #wotw


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