Travel Challenges To Take on This Year


Are you looking to take on a challenge this year? Taking on a challenge is something everyone should do at one point in their life, with so many benefits to be had. Not only will a challenge help stimulate your brain and increase your confidence but it also works on your mental health and resilience – you are going to need a lot of resilience to complete your chosen challenge. 

Challenges come in all shapes and forms, it could be reading a certain amount of books in a month, cooking x number of dishes in a year or getting a promotion within the next six months. In the case of this article, there are also travel challenges you can take on to better yourself. You could sign up for a half or full marathon abroad, take on a 136 km hike or sign up for a tough mudder – it’s important you find a travel challenge that aligns with your passions, as this way you are more likely to work harder to complete it. 

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Below we look into three different travel challenges you can take on this year.

Pendle Hill From Barley

Half or Full Marathon 

Half or full marathons are a very popular challenge that many people take on each year. A half marathon involves you running 13 miles or a full marathon 26 miles, which is a long distance to run and as you can imagine, involves a lot of training. The training is something a lot of people enjoy as you will be improving your cardiovascular system and getting a lot fitter. The challenge is also something a lot of people want to tick off their list as not everyone can run a half or full marathon. 

Marathons take place all around the world, so it only seems fitting that it could be one of your travel challenges to take on this year. You could sign up for one in Barcelona, Miami, or Rome and enjoy exploring the city before and after you have completed it. 

Hiking Challenge

Have you thought of taking on a hiking challenge? Hiking is great for your mental health as well as your physical health. Just like a marathon abroad, you can sign up for a hike anywhere in the world. Hikes vary in distance, allowing both beginners and experts to sign up for one and be able to complete it. For example, you could do a Camino de Santiago from Sarria which is 111km long or a Camino de Santiago from Lisbon which is 85km, if you are looking for something a little shorter. Both will be a challenge and both will allow you to see some incredible landscapes. 

Obstacle Course 

Obstacle courses are great fun as they are varied, working on both your stamina and strength. You’ll have to run a set distance to complete the challenge and whilst running that distance, there will be many obstacles in the way for you to take on. An obstacle challenge could vary from crawling under nets to running up a halfpipe – it depends on the company to choose to go with! A lot of providers will move their courses around the world, such as Tough Mudder, so you can travel to America to complete it or take on the challenge in the UK. 

What travel challenges do you know that are taking place this year? Will you be attempting one of the above three challenges? Is there anything you would like to share that will help our readers? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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