Tips To Beat The January Blue’s

January is the oddest month isn’t it? We spend months building up to a New Year, all that talk of what the coming year will bring, the setting of New Years resolutions. And then it arrives and everybody is depressed.

I have to say my resolved has been tested this year thus far. But you know what, like I said in my weekly round-up last week, people’s negativity is their problem not mine.

However I can see people dropping like flies around me and not with the dreaded flu, but with self-doubt, feeling down in the dumps and more.

I wanted to share how I kept the January blues away. I suppose it’s all so obvious, so don’t roll your eyes at me. But sometimes we can’t see the tree’s for the woods can we?

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Plan Ahead To Avoid January Blues, Have Something To Look Forwards Too!

Plan now for 2019, what January needs is a little pizzazz; plan a theatre trip or a weekend break. Plan something towards the end of the month to really look forward to. We have a little trip planned to Center Parcs and having that pre trip excitement is a sure-fire way to eradicate any negativity.

We try to book something every year, you don’t have to spend a fortune, and it’s a great time of year for getting a bargain. What’s better than being snuggled by the log fire with a big pot of chilli on the go, whilst you enjoy quality time with family and friends?

Exercise The January Blues Away

I am not talking a punishing exercise routine that leaves you so starving hungry you eat 50 cakes and get even more depressed. But do take a few long walks; give yourself plenty on time to people watch or in my case sheep and cattle watch.

Book the classes you enjoy, take a gentle swim. This is about feeling great in yourself and producing those happy hormones! Not being stick thin. The likelihood is if you exercise to feel better the rest will follow.

Confidence And Why You Should Love Yourself? And Regatta Cosmia Cream Quilted Jacket

A Country Walk And Embracing The Sunshine


I am an expert at this, I do not hold on to anger at all. But I do like a good rant, just get it all out and move on. My friends laugh at my ranty text messages I never check them! They never make sense. But a good old rant makes you feel better. Get that negative energy out.

Cook Home Made Food

Now bear with me on this one, I know not everyone likes cooking. I also know if I feel grumpy I cannot be bothered to cook. But cooking or baking is such a calming thing to do. Try something simple if you are not a baker. The process of creation is so rewarding, and even better if it’s something tasty and healthy. But you know what? If you want cake, make cake!

Comfort food for winter,

Never Compare Yourself To Others

What’s that saying?  Comparison is the thief of all joy! This is so true. You are you, your very own beautiful unique you, be proud of you and what you have achieved. Everybody can pinpoint something they have done to be proud of.

Other people’s lives may look more exciting, simpler, or calmer but everybody and I mean EVERYBODY has their own struggles in one way or another. They may just choose to only talk about the nice stuff. And you know what, if that’s their choice then good on them!

And if there is something in your life that makes you really unhappy, take steps to change it to make it work for you. For me it was leaving my career to work from home. I know this is not for everybody, but I have made it work for my family and as a result we are all happier.

And Lastly Do Something Kind

Being kind is totally underrated, and I don’t mean do something for others and then shout it from the rooftops. That is not being kind, that is believing your own hype. No, kindness comes in many forms, doing a friend a favour, smiling at a stranger, curbing that road rage, holding a door for someone. Kindness is about making others feel good not yourself. But kindness is great for the soul. No good ever came from bitterness or jealously. But a few good deeds? I will let you be the judge of that one.

So onwards and upwards, you can beat those January Blues, it’s very nearly February. And next year? Be prepared and smash January.




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  1. I am one of those strange people who love January but I think that is down to having 2 birthdays to celebrate. This month is never boring in our house, though this past week has been tested with Hywel having the flu and being off work. I agree with booking things to look forward to, and whilst I have not had time to go swimming yet, I know that exercise always makes me feel better x


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