The VQ Emma Bridgewater Retro Mini, Bringing A Little Music Into My Life

Every now and then a little parcel arrives that makes you grin from ear to ear. And this Emma Bridgewater VQ Retro Mini Radio is one such thing. A parcel of gorgeousness that isn’t just a pretty package.

Since leaving my job as a teacher to work on my blog full-time. (How has it been 2 year since I made that decision? Which turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made) I was strict with myself from day 1, always working at my desk, the TV has never been turned on during the day ever! As a result I have got used to working in silence. This is a huge change from a busy staff room and packed hair salons full of students and clients, always buzzing with loud music, chatting and laughter.

However since this Black Toast Retro Mini arrived on my doorstep I have realised how much I had missed music. We always have music playing in the kitchen. But my days at my desk have been spent working in silence. And having a busy mind does not go well with silence. I need music to shut my mind up and allow me to be more productive in my work.

DAB Retro Radio

Emma Bridgewater VQ Retro Mini


Music is good for the soul.

It’s a bit of a grand statement isn’t it? But its true, music has the power to make you laugh, cry, dance and can trigger happy memories in a second. I often marvel at how the boys can recall song lyrics. And how I can recognise a song from the first few bars. Have I ever mentioned what a whizz I am at pop quizzes? We need music in our lives it makes us feel good.

VQ Retro Mini DAB Radio

Digital Dab Retro Radio and Alarm Clock

The Retro Mini is not just a radio!

It might look incredibly dainty and pretty with its stylish retro design. But is also a hugely clever and very useful piece of kit. With a DAB and FM radio and blue tooth connectivity that enables me to listen to my favourite radio stations, stream music or podcasts and control the volume when streaming from my phone.

And with the addition of USB port means I can also charge it whilst streaming. The premium single ultra-wide full range 5W speaker also ensures the sound quality is excellent.

The VQ Retro Mini also has a dual alarm clock I can see versions of this appearing all over the house especially the rooms of teenagers who are impossible to wake in the mornings.

It also has great travel potential, as it is lightweight and can be operated by battery. This is perfect for our travels; is it just me that has to take some kind of speaker on holiday? The key is finding something portable and lightweight such as this beautiful Emma Bridgewater Design Mini radio. I am already imagining all the places we can travel together, and voltage wont be an issue as I can pop batteries in.

And oh, the visions of sunny days in the garden, sun seems like something of the past doesn’t it? However I will eagerly anticipate next summer and hope the sun sticks around a little longer than it did this year.

Can we also just appreciate the beauty of the brand new Pink Pansy design?

Isn’t it beautiful? And to celebrate the launch of the new Emma Bridgewater’s new pattern, Pink Pansy (which will be available as Today’s Special Value day with QVC on October 29th) I will be giving one of my readers the chance to win their very own VQ Retro Mini in one of the following beautiful Emma Bridgewater designs, Black Toast, Blue Daisy, Marmalade, Polka Dot, Rose & Bee and Wallflower. Enter via the rafflecopter below and  the best of luck. Don’t forget if you are not lucky watch out for Todays Special Value on the 29th October and grab a bargain.

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195 thoughts on “The VQ Emma Bridgewater Retro Mini, Bringing A Little Music Into My Life”

  1. Hi Sarah love this post the radio looks so fab and photos are beautiful as always?i’d Love the polka dot one I think it would look fab in my kitchen ??fingers crossed ?Mandy xxx

  2. I would have most of those designs in my house, but I do like the polka dot one the most, as it would go in any room, I want one in my bedroom, so I can wake up to the radio playing


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