Testing Out Wolky Shop Boots On A Trip To London

I struggle with footwear. FACT! I love buying new shoes but ALWAYS get blisters. I base how comfortable a pair of shoes is after about 3 weeks once the blisters have healed and I can start to enjoy the shoes. And if I am wearing shoes for a wedding or event I wear them in weeks before.

When we first got married Chris used to roll his eyes at me every time I bought new shoes. He blamed it on my choices but soon realised my feet were just sensitive. ย Maybe I was born to wander fields of daisies bare foot and my feet were not made for shoes, who knows?

So when I got an email from the lovely people at Wolky Shoes telling me how amazingly comfortable they are, I was hopeful. But I have been told this before. And yes I have some comfy shoes, but the comfiest ever? Hmm we would have to see.

I have to say Wolky have some super cool boots and after what seemed like hours trying to decide (there is so much choice and so many colours) I went for Murray in Metal Graca Leather.

As soon as they arrived I loved them, they are sooooooo stylish and on first impressions so very comfortable. They are made with anatomically shaped foot beds which mould to the feet with an extra layer of memory foam, which ensures they are as comfy as they can possible be.

So they were put through their paces for a few days. Waking the dog on country lanes, always the downfall of every new pair of shoes I have ever owned. Around town and shopping trips, another treacherous shoe test! And excuse they pun but they stood up to the test. No aching feet or blisters. So I decide to go for the downright foolhardy and test them out on a day trip to London.

Wolky Boots comfortable boots for city trips

Wolkyshop boots review www.extraordinarychaos.com

Testing Wolkyshop boots

comfortable but stylish walking shoes

Now please understand, only the bet shoes get to accompany me to London. Such trips take months of team building and trust. There are shoes in my wardrobe that after years are not trusted for such trips. But I felt ready and the Wolky’s felt good to go! You may at this stage be rolling your eyes and thinking I am mad. But have you ever taken the wrong pair of shoes on a trip? Yes, we have all made that mistake and suffered hours of misery as we hobbled around in said shoes.

As I set off in the morning I was nervous. What if they really hurt, it would be a long day? But let me tell you after a day of train cancellations and being let down by Northern Rail several times adding hours onto my journeys and having to run from platform to platform to catch trains. These babies passed the London test.

Comfy shoes for city breaks

Wandering in London

wandering london in Wolkyshop shoes

The comfiest boots ever from Wolkyshop

Journey dramas aside, I wandered the streets of Kensington taking photos, as you do. Or it that just me?

My feet were warm, cocooned and happy as I walked maybe a mile or three. And as I arrived home weary from train dramas and tired after a long day, my feet were still happy and feeling as fresh as daisies. And that my friends never happens.

Hope you like my little shoe diary of my day and one of my lovely readers is going to get a chance to choose their very own pair of Wolky Murray Boots. In their choice of colours. But I warn you its tough to choose I am now swooning over the dark blue craquelรฉ leather!

Check out the rafflecopter and good luck !

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274 thoughts on “Testing Out Wolky Shop Boots On A Trip To London”

  1. I am finding it so hard to choose because I love them in every colour – the metal grace leather and the cognac leather are sooo gorgeous. I need a pair for every day!!! Thanks for the chance xxx

  2. Love your post Sarah these boots look fab?you need some comfort when walking round all day love your photos they really suit you? If iโ€™d Win iโ€™d Love the cognac leather as they would go with most of my wardrobe ??Mandy xxx

  3. There’s nothing worse than wearing shoes or boots that hurt your feet (yes we’ve all been there). You were brave to wear a new pair of boots all day. Your review does the company credit. Black ones would be fab please.

  4. My wife usually goes for black, but there are some fab colours on here and she does have a burgundy winter coat, so who knows! lol

  5. For me, it would be black, I am thinking of work etc…I am desperate for a pair of comfy quality boots so this would be great x

  6. These boots look so comfortable! I’d love the black craquelรฉ leather! I normally wear Dr Martens but they take a good few weeks of blister plasters to wear in!

  7. You were not joking about it being a tough choice! After ummming and ahhhhing for a while I think I would love the Burgundy leather boots!

  8. Thanks for such a fabulous review, I can totally relate to your post. My feet are the same and have just returned from our half term break away with blisters and aching feet. My fault wrong shoe choices again! If I were lucky enough to win I would pick the cognac colour.

  9. I’m completely torn between Burgundy Leather and Salmon Pink Suede. Actually I’d love them all- the green suede are gorgeous as well!

  10. I would go for the black craquele leather as they will go with everything. I too suffer from sore feet with pretty much every pair of shoes I buy so I really resonated with this post

  11. I would choose the COGNAC LEATHER boots. I can sympathise with you over the blister situation. I have a lot of scar tissue on the back of my heels (due to feet/ankle issues since birth) so even shoes I have worn for ages will start to rub for no reason at all. I end up with getting the shoes that are comfy rather than the shoes that I like. Sorry for the sob story (it’s not really – had this since birth) I was just explaining. ๐Ÿ™‚


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