Day 2, Of Our Incredible Q Hop, The Stratford

Wow, where do I start? We left the amazing Telford Q Hotel, Golf and Spa Hotel feeling very spoilt we’d had the most incredible time. You never know what to expect visiting a hotel for the first time do you? Well, we needn’t have felt any apprehension at all. The Stratford Q Hotel is a …

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The Iron Bridge and Tar Tunnel

Last week we got the opportunity to visit the incredible Ironbridge. Before last week I had never heard of Ironbridge, I must have been living in a bubble as not only is it such a beautiful part of the country, Ironbridge is a World Heritage Site which has a collection of 10 amazing museums. We could only fit in 4 on our trip but cant wait to go back and see the rest.

P1080993We started at the Museum of The Gorge which is a great place to start as it has a miniature model of the area and lots of information about the industrial revolution and how this impacted the area, the short film ensured everything we saw after that point make sense, especially for the boys who haven’t got the patience to stand and read all the literature in the museums.

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Joe’s Holiday Survival Kit

I know we have a while to our big Orlando Adventure but I am an organised kinda gal, I love to be prepared so that I am not dashing around the week before buying last-minute bits and pieces. I literally start shopping for our next holiday as soon as a holiday is over. I love the whole holiday shopping, organising experience.

I wanted to share some of the bits I have picked up for Joe’s holiday survival kit. Now this is a huge thing in the Christie family. Yes, Jack may have grown out of it, but for Joe the holiday survival kits is still a huge part of his holiday. It so important to keep kids occupied on journeys, this is why we invented the Christie family holiday survival kit.

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Magic kingdom Walt Disney World

How To Get The Most Out Of My Disney Experience

I am not the only person at work visiting Walt Disney World this year. Two of my friends, Kath and Mary, are also looking forward to Disney holidays, and in terms of holiday booking and organisation they are polar opposites. You see Kath is fairly organised and knows where she wants to go, she is …

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Indoor Caving at Whinfell Forest

When the lovely people at Center Parcs offered us the opportunity to take part in the indoor caving adventure at Whinfell Forest. I knew this was something Joe and his best pal Fin would love. They are both adventurers and love a challenge but if I am totally honest I was not sure it would …

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