Day 4 of our Incredible Q Hop, The Chesford Grange

It is with a heavy heart I write my last post of our incredible Q Hop, it feel like our little mini adventure is truly over by writing about our last hotel. And trust me last is by no means least in the case of Chesford Grange, based in the beautiful county of Warwickshire.

The Chesford Grange is a huge grand resort that seems to go on forever. Yet its period features, grand staircase, and the bar that is set over a several areas such as a library and conservatory makes it feel intimate.  The hotel has many levels and the most stunning grounds that seem to go on forever.

Chesford 3

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Day 3, Our Incredible Q Hop, The Stratford Manor Q

I don’t know if you have ever Hotel hopped before but it is pretty full on, however saying that it is also very exciting and like the great Forrest Gump says, “life is a box of chocolates you just never know what you are going to get next.”

The Stratford Pin

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Day 2, Of Our Incredible Q Hop, The Stratford

Wow, where do I start? We left the amazing Telford Q Hotel, Golf and Spa Hotel feeling very spoilt we’d had the most incredible time. You never know what to expect visiting a hotel for the first time do you? Well, we needn’t have felt any apprehension at all. The Stratford Q Hotel is a …

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Our 1st Q Hotel Secret Mission

The boys were so excited to go to the Telford Q Hotel Golf Club and Spa, they love their Q Hotel visits but for them this one was a little bit special, the lovely people at Q Hotels had asked them to complete a secret mission.

Jack was looking forward to it, but Joe was beside himself, all we knew was that it was a survival activity that they had to test and report back for a potential new guest activity.

When we arrived in our room our Mission, in form of Battle Box equipment was waiting for us with an introduction letter. There was an army rucksack waiting for Jack and Joe, containing all of the equipment you would need to survive in the great outdoors.

battle box

They each had  tent pegs, there was a rubber mallet, walky talkies, ground sheets, sandbags, string, and pen knife to cut the string, a flag, plaque, mini bombs (harmless just noisy) and a small survival tin with lots of essentials should you get stuck in the wild.

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Day 1, Telford Q Hotel & Golf Resort and Spa

We are finally coming down after our incredible Q Hop last week. As part of our Q Hotel ambassadorship  we visited four amazing hotels in four days and had such a great time. We have so much to share about the wonderful Q Hotels, the lovely Q team and all the great activities we did in the areas surrounding the hotels, there really is so much to do in the UK.

telford Q1I love the fact that Q Hotels have tips on their website offering advice on attractions in the local area for each hotel, this is fantastic and how we found Ironbridge, an incredible set of museums I cannot wait to share.

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Being Treated Like Royalty at The Queens

I thought long and hard about this heading, it sounds a little corny doesn’t it. I have tried to think of another fitting title but I can’t argue with facts can I? So the title stays, and becomes less cheesy and more a statement of truth. We loved our stay at the Queens Hotel Leeds. They truly made us feel so special.

Let me start with our welcome, I was a little stressed about finding the Queens and parking.  I had never been to Leeds before and although Chris has, he didn’t know the City well. The great thing about the Queens is you don’t have to worry about parking as they have concierge parking. And trust me when you have two hungry kids in the car this is a godsend. We were able to pull up outside the Queens, unload and drop the keys off to reception. And for £15.99, I thought this was a mega bargain and worth every penny.

The Queens 1

We were welcomed at the reception by the Queens general manager Jacquie and David, and a lovely lady whose name I didn’t get (sorry) Meeting Jacquie was like meeting an old friend as we had been tweeting on the run up to our visit.  I had tweeted Jacquie prior to our visit, as I had been concerned about Jacks sugar levels as we were collecting the boys from school and traveling straight to Leeds. The chef had very kindly arranged some snacks for our room to ensure he was able to eat. Things like this make such a difference when you have a diabetic teen; I am so touched the Jacquie and her team took the trouble to ensure Jack got a snack.

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