A Postcard From Ikos Oceania Day 2

Day 2  at Ikos Oceania has been the most chilled out wonderful day, the Deluxe Pool Area is just gorgeous. As we sat earlier overlooking the sea we made the decision that we most definitely will be booking to revisit again, this time next year.  The whole Ikos experience is just wonderful.

A Postcard From Ikos Oceania Day 2 A

Last night we dined at Fusco Italian restaurant, I was a little concerned about the boys finding something they would enjoy on the menu, but they thoroughly enjoyed their meals.

The service was exceptional, and as we sat and dined overlooking our first Greek sunset I fell in love with Greece,  it really was the perfect family evening, with wonderful food, great service and my little family.

A Postcard From Ikos Oceania Day 2 a

This morning I set my alarm for 7am and got out for a long walk. The resort is just stunning, it was the perfect opportunity to take lots of photos.

I was so tempted to nip into the Greek Restaurant for a coffee and sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.  But knew I had to get back and wake Chris and the boys who were still fast asleep. Check out what we got up to on day 3 here.

A Postcard From Ikos Oceania Day 2


4 thoughts on “A Postcard From Ikos Oceania Day 2”

    • Lots of my facebook friends said the same Lorraine. They thought it was just for the 4 of us lol. Ikos Olivia opened on the 1st April and despite it being full it never felt it. I suspect it is the same at Oceania where Sarah is.

      We too are looking to go back next April. This is the 2nd year on the run we have had our main holiday abroad at this time of year. Easyjet flights come out in September Sarah for the following April xx

    • I know it looks that way doesn’t it Lorraine ? But it is just a true 5 star, it was actually busy but lots of space. We loved it there x


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