Planning Permission, Peaky Blinders And River Cruising


Hello and happy Friday, aren’t those weeks flying by? I almost feel like we will get the the end of the year and still have holes in the patio. But things are slowly starting to progress.

Life seems to have sped up since I have been working at the salon. Its only 2 days a week, but wow the impact is massive. However I am loving that injection of creativity into my week. Ok, I am constantly trying out creative ideas. But this is another lovely creative outlet.

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So what have we been up to in the last crazy week?

Getting Planning Permission

We finally have planning permission, woohoo. I can’t tell you what a relief it is. Now we can start getting foundations dug out. The skip arrives today, that’s a sure sign that things are moving.

In the last week the balcony has gone and Chris has taken all the rendering off the back of the house all ready to be K rendered. So things looks pretty awful at the moment. Our Juliette balcony is on order and will be with us in a couple of weeks, those patio door keys are still hidden away for no one to find. I cant wait to be able to have the door open!

House renovations

Watching Peaky Blinders

We missed the boat with peaky blinders so on Jacks advice we decided to watch it on Net-flicks. OMG its amazing, addictively so. We have watched all 4 series in 3 weeks. I am not sure we have binge watched to this level before, but because the next episode is always available you just HAVE to watch it!

An Evening In Manchester

I spent a fabulous evening in Manchester this week with one of my lovely friends. We had gone to see Club Tropicana, it wasn’t my thing at all! My REVIEW IS HERE, its tough when you are not so keen on a show. The audience loved it, it was really down to my poor choice. I am not a fan of this kind of comedy, however there were people in the audience crying they found it so funny!

The ivy manchester
The ivy
Lunch at the Ivy In Manchester

We did enjoy a lovey meal at the Ivy, their midweek set menu is such great value and the food and setting is just gorgeous. It always feels like such a treat dining there.

Eating Chocolate

Thorntons sent me a gorgeous chocolate hamper this week, full of different incredible flavours of their chocolate blocks. These are great to have in the fridge and pick at. I am not a whole bar at a time kinda gal. I prefer to grab a couple of squares with a cup of coffee.

Thorntons chocolate blocks

The 70% dark was my stand out favourite. However the orange crip was pretty fantastic too. But oooh I am thinking I need to try the dark chilli and salted pistachio now!

Exciting News About River Cruising

This is killing me as I have known for over a week, Chris and I are going on a River Cruise arghhhhhh. It’s something we have been dying to do for so long now. And being our 25th Anniversary year the timing could not be better. The aim is to test the water, we feel River Cruising will be perfect for our family. The boys love exploring cities and are less bothered about being surrounded by kids these days, so we are going to find out. I can’t wait to reveal more.

Loving Curly Girl Again

After a month of falling in and out of love with curly girl I am back on it! Thankfully when I do have a break I stick to Curly Girl Products. This means getting back into it is easy. Its been nearly a year since I started following curly girl and my stand out favourite thing is that when my hair is straight it needs washing every other day and looks rubbish on day two which I hate.

However I only need to wash my hair every 5 days with curly girl and it seems to get better as the days go on. That is so great for the condition, and my schedule.

Curly girl noughty product review

READ THIS POST for more info on getting started, and trust me you won’t look back. But if you do fancy giving it a go I have a lovely giveaway to get you started. Noughty Haircare is one of my go to curly girl ranges. The shampoo, conditioner and taming cream are fantastic but also great for non curly hair if you do need a break, and the fact that it is vegan and cruelty free makes me love the brand even more.

The Week Ahead

Lots of thinking about the renovations, we have a few plans to catch up with friends for meals and a busy week with work. Hopefully we will get the chance for a chilled out Sunday.

Have a great week whatever you are up too?

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

Disclosure, I was gifted the theatre tickets, chocolate and curly girl products for an honest review. However have used the CG products and purchased them for a year.


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11 thoughts on “Planning Permission, Peaky Blinders And River Cruising”

  1. It sounds like you are really enjoying working at the salon.
    Hooray for the planning permission! Good luck with the getting the work done.
    Peaky Blinders is on my list of things to watch. I will get around to it eventually.
    Ohh! I like the sound of that chocolate. Yum!
    How exciting to be going on a river cruise! I hope you have a fab time.
    I love your curly hair. x

  2. I’ve yet to watch Peaky Blinders too, I’m itching to see if I recognise any of the places it’s filmed. I will get around to it one day. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Club Tropicana, it sounds like it should be good, but I’m not a fan of slapstick either. The river cruise sounds really exciting.
    Thanks for linking up to #wotw x

  3. I’m gutted for you, that you didn’t enjoy club Tropicana!
    My favourite place, apart from home, is the hairdresser, so I can imagine you are enjoying making people feel good.
    My mam went on a river cruise, she doesn’t like cruises, because it makes her vertigo play up, but she enjoyed that.
    You look gorgeous in the picture, your natural curls are stunning x

  4. Love love the curly hair. Peaky Binders is amazing. We have loved it. Hooray for planning permission and work started. Can’t wait to see it. We start Monday too.

  5. Congratulations on the planning permission. Exciting to get going with your plans. Sorry the theatre trip wasn’t so good. I guess not all shows appeal to everyone. Must have felt weird watching others around you finding it so funny. The river cruise does sound timely. Hope you have a good week. #wotw

  6. Hooray! So glad that you finally got the planning permission and good luck with all the renovations. Sorry to hear that Club Tropicana wasn’t such a good show for you. Love the sound of the river cruise – what a lovely thing to look forward to 🙂 #WotW

  7. Love your hair curly, it really suits you.
    I can’t wait to follow your renovations, the mess and disruption will be worth it at the end. I’m sure you will love the end result.
    I’m the same with chocolate, I just like eating little bits at a time

  8. Oh I love your curly hair!! Mine is neither straight nor curly just a lot of frizz really!!! Your meal at the Ivy looks beautiful I need to get myself to Manchester a little more often. So jealous about the chocolate treats I could do with some now lol

  9. I am so pleased that the planning came in. All
    Going to be exciting from now on.

    The meal looks amazing. Shame you didn’t enjoy the show but at least yummy food.

    Oh I have been really interested in hearing about your curly hair. Addison has naturally curly and now her hair is short we are embracing it, so going to have a read.

  10. How are things going at the salon? I can imagine it is taking a lot to get used to. The change in your free time. Ooh I love Thornton’s chocolates – and those squares look perfect for nibbling. And yay for the planning permission, what an achievement x


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