My Festive Round Up And A Happy New Year


Hellooooo and Happy New Year, I hope you have had the best Christmas? It’s been pretty full-on, but wonderful over here in the Christie household. We have been immersed in a huge friends and family shaped bubble, full of laughter, great food, lazy mornings and the odd glass of wine. I haven’t taken loads of photos, which I totally regret. But sometimes you are too wrapped up in the moment and family time to pick up the camera. And this year that was totally the case.

I took the decision a couple of weeks ago to have a little time away from blogging and social media. More so social media, and it’s been wonderful to step away and concentrate 100% on family time. Ok I may have kept a close eye on the blog, its not THAT easy to walk away. But on the whole I have enjoyed a social detox.

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And the last month has been full of festivities so here we go, a little low down of what I have liked and loved for the last part of 2018.

The CLIA Christmas Ball

Omg arghhhh it was such an honour to be invited as part of Cruising With Kids along with Donna and Lisa, it was spectacular. Getting the chance to spend the night with people who are as passionate about cruising as we are. It really is the most wonderful community, we are all so excited about our little cruise blog.

The ball was held at the Devere Cotswold Water Park Hotel which is such a stylish and beautiful location. The interior has you not knowing where to look first and the exterior is set amongst a series of lakes, creating the most breathtaking reflections no matter what time of day it is.


I do love getting wrapped up in festive movies, even though the boys are older I still love a great Christmas film and have enjoyed some of my all time faves over the last couple of weeks, Elf, Home Alone, and my all time Christmas fave, Its A Wonderful Life. OMG I could watch that again and again.

Did you catch The Torvill And Dean Story on Christmas Day? It was incredible, I think as a nation we have all invested in them as a couple. But the story behind them is such a different one to that I had imagined. Its worth finding on catch up it was brilliant.

And Mary Poppins, oh wow! Mary Poppins is one of my all time favourite Disney Films, and I adore Saving Mr Banks. You never know whether revisiting a classic is going to work but Mary Poppins is just beautiful, everything about it was perfect and magical.

We decided to try out the VIP experience at our local cinema and it was fantastic, going forward this will be the only way to go to the cinema for us. The VIP Cinema is smaller with huge reclining seats and snacks and drinks brought to you chair as you enjoy the film. It just made the whole experience a nicer more personal thing, rather than feeling hemmed in, which is the very reason I have struggled getting Chris and the boys to the Cinema in recent years.

Country Walks

We have taken every chance we could to get out for long country walks, although Jack and Joe were not so keen. It seems our little walking gang is well and truly and gang of 3, but I suppose that is part of having a growing family. I tried so many times to persuade them to come out for a walk, but they were having none of it! But the boys missed out on many a beautiful walk, we even managed to sneak into the village pub for a glass of wine a few times.

A New Planner

Its that time of year when we need to start from scratch and find a new planner that works, and I was so thrilled when two local Mums Lou and Sam contacted me about their About Time Planner I instantly loved it, The About Time Planner has everything the working busy mum needs its fabulous.

The About Time Planner cleverly incorporates targeting and planning, school holidays dates, financial planning and to do lists all on the same pages. It really is genius and all there for you, but it does not feel cluttered.

They also donate money from every planner sold to CoppaFeel a wonderful charity that promotes and supports women and men to check their boobs for lumps. I love how they are starting at grass roots and educating in schools, its such an important topic and one people should never be embarrassed about talking about and sharing. The earlier cancer is caught the better.

Moving Into 2019

I am moving into the New Year with so many ideas, I have a few recipes to share and lots of crafting ideas. And using my Project Life Journal is really helping me to identify goals. But as always being myself and being honest is key. If I don’t love it, it does not deserve a place here on my little space. Being true to myself is so important. Otherwise what’s the point?

Having a break has been wonderful, but now I am ready to get back to work. And with all the house plans it promises to be an eventful year in the Christie household.

We have no solid plans on the travel front, but hope to fit a cruise and trip to France in at some stage between all the home improvements. I am so excited to think we will be seeing the next new year in with a swanky new kitchen and hopefully a little more entertaining space.


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    Sarah Christie is the author of Extraordinary Chaos a family lifestyle and travel blog from a 50+ mum of boys, sharing Cricut Crafts and Free SVG Files, family travels, recipes, reviews and country living. Also the co-editor of Cruising With Kids Family Cruise Blog and Mini Travellers family travel blog.

4 thoughts on “My Festive Round Up And A Happy New Year”

  1. Ah sounds a wonderful Christmas Sarah, and well done for stepping back from social media over the festive period. It’s definitely good to have a break from time to time. The VIP experience sounds amazing, and there is a local one to us which offers drinks and snacks to your seats too. Have a wonderful 2019, and looking forward to what you get up to this year x

  2. It does sound like you’ve had a glorious Christmas time. Sounds glorious and just as they should be. I love the planners that you have. I haven’t picked up a diary yet x

  3. Sounds like a wonderful festive period. I loved Torvill and Dean, it was really well done and they are definitely adored by the nation. Mary Poppins was so good, I want to see it again! Sounds like an exciting year ahead, I can’t wait to see your home improvements x

  4. It’s so nice to take things a little slower at Christmas and have a break from social media! Now you are back I’ve been enjoying your Instagrams of the craft work you have been doing!


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