Memories Of France And Our French Plans For The Future

When you think of a family trip to France what thoughts does it conjure for you? For me it is beautiful countryside, incredible food, beautiful architecture and the best wine. I honestly cannot believe we only visited France for a holiday for the first time 6 years ago.

And wow it was like a total light bulb moment, love at first sight. All those years of not getting what people saw in France, I suppose all the years nipping across on the ferry to buy wine didn’t show us the best of what the country had to offer, but once we delved deeper we saw what we were really missing.

I want to share some of my favourite memories from France and my wish list for next year. We planned to go back this year but it never happened. Best laid plans and all that.

The thing with France is it offers it all! From skiing to beach holidays, you honestly can find something to suit everybody. On our previous trips we have stayed in hotels and B&Bs all amazing but what I would really love to do is stay in a house, with Luxury Retreats offering beautiful rentals in France that would serve as the perfect base to enjoy French life and explore from.

Visiting Chateau de Saint Fargeau 1

Our first taste of France as a family was down on the South Coast.

We love cruising and have started a few cruises from Marseille combining them with a couple of nights pre cruise stay. The feel in the South is so different to the rest of France. Not better, just different, I love the glitz and glamour of Nice. The beauty of Marseille I have fond memories of touring around the city on the mini train. And heading over to Corsica to visit the birthplace of Napoleon, wandering the stunning streets and stopping to people watch with a glass of wine.

The South is somewhere we plan to visit more next year, most certainly with a cruise but hopefully a week pre cruise just to chill and take in the sights a little more.

I chose to visit Disneyland Paris for my 40th Birthday

Well, it was a little after so we could go for Halloween, I know Disney Paris is not a true representation of France but still we had a wonderful time and left thinking next time we would spend a few days in Paris too. How wonderful Paris and Disney all in one week!

Last year we spent a blissful week in Burgundy, have you been? If not go!

Burgundy offered us a different France. Yes, we got to take part in lots of what you would expect but also enjoyed the unexpected adventures.

Such as visiting the beautiful Chateau De Saint Fargeau

And hearing the stories of how it was painstakingly restored to its former glory by its current owners Michel and Noemi.

What really struck me was the passion the family had for the Chateau and how they never gave up on its restoration. What a great cause to dedicate your life to. Whilst at the Chateau we also got the opportunity to make macarons with Noemi. As a family who likes to cook this was the perfect family activity and not something you would think of doing on holiday. However we had the most blissful afternoon. It’s an activity I would most definitely recommend.

Making Macarons With Noemi at the Jeanne D'Arc Cookery School

Go horse riding in the French countryside.

We didn’t pick the best week for this as France was experiencing its worst May in many years. The weather was awful but the activity was amazing. I am a little terrified of horses, however Joe is a keen rider. So we all agreed this would be a wonderful thing to do.

This is a wonderful way to see the French countryside; it was also incredible to see how beautifully Joe rides. Poor old Jack was not so keen; I don’t think he will ever get on a horse again. I honestly think the horse smelt his fear. It is something we all laugh at now. Jack clinging on for dear life! But the rest of us loved it.

Horse Riding In Burgundy

My Captured Moment, Accrobranche, Parc du Bois de la Folie a

We also got to go tree trekking

Tree trekking in France is crazy everything is faster and higher and when you have adventurous teens it is perfect. We spent a couple of hours flying though trees. Me with my heart in my mouth trying the keep up with Chris and the boys it was sooo much fun.

The opportunities for different types of family holidays in France are endless. 

I love Lisa’s post from her family trip to Brittany I am desperate to see the Machines de l’île. And visit the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. Lisa and her family spent a week back in July exploring what Brittany has to offer and I loved following their adventure.

And then go on to follow Karen’s families’ footsteps and head over to Belle-Île for a couple of days chilling out on the beach. Which looks like the perfect way to round-up a trip to Brittany.

And there is the thing, France offers hot and cold, adventure and chill, history and contemporary, luxury and rustic I could go on. But I defy anyone to visit France and not find something you love, another reason to go back to find a new adventure. And the fact that it is only an hour away makes it the perfect choice; in two hours you can be on the French Riviera soaking up the hot sun people watching. And I can’t wait to go back.








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