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Hello and welcome to my subscriber members page. Thank you so much for subscribing, and I’m hoping this page solves something that’s been bugging me for a while. I didn’t want my subscribers to go through the rigmarole of subscribing every time I publish a new project. Thus I came up with the idea of creating a members area for subscribers only.


All of the files in the members area have 2 links, the link at the top of the project image takes you to the project instruction post. The button link below takes you to the download, this is where you will find the file.

Extraordinary Chaos Subscribers Member Area

I will send a link with all my latest projects in my newsletter. On each project below the heading link will take you to the project, and the button link will take you straight to the png files for you to download.

I will as always, also add the links to the projects in Cricut Design Space in my project posts. Where, should you want to avoid faffing downloading projects you can access the project direct if you have paid access.

Keep on scrolling for all of my project downloads exclusively for readers.

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66 thoughts on “Members Page”

  1. Merci pour tous ces fichiers que j’adore et votre gentillesse pour le partage. C’est toujours de très bon goût ! Bravo

  2. thank you for the files im a new b and finding some things hard to do and finding out how to do it
    look forward to looking at your other files
    thanks again x

  3. Thank you so much for making so many beautiful files available. i”m quite new to cricuting and am enjoying making gifts for friends and family and your files are a real boon. The only thing is that I seem to need to subcribe each time I search your site, what am I doing wrong?

    Gratefully Anna x

  4. Hi Sarah

    I love your projects, thanks for sharing them with me.
    I was wondering what fonts you use such as in the Baby alphabet


  5. WOW JUST WOW The Gorgeous Designs you are Sharing with us are Amazing and You Go Girl Keep Up the Awesome Work Cheers Kylie From Australia ????

  6. These projects are amazing!! I am a cricut newbie but you’ve inspired me to really learn all it can do. Your letters are the loveliest I’ve ever seen and your willingness to share is truly very generous & kind. I can’t wait to check out your entire site! Many thanks!

  7. I LOVE your alphabets, but can’t figure out how to get the svg files. I am working off android tablet and don’t know how to convert a png to a svg. I read where you said almost all of your designs are png and svg. How do I get the svgs?

    • Hi Terri, thank you, and in the members area if you click the link below the project it will take you to a folder with the png and svg files in it most projects have both you have to look for the folder, what are you trying to download? if there isn’t a SVG version I can convert it it takes a couple of hours to do! x

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Words cannot express how extremely grateful I am for all your amazing designs you share.

    I am not very confident in making designs like these, so I’m excited to have landed here on extraordinary chaos.
    Looking forward to decorating my walls and balcony with your designs.

    Many blessings x

  9. Would you be interested in making a Circus Alphabet for me. I would love to buy it already made. Your instructions are amazing but I’m really short on time and would love to use it. Thank you for all of your wonderful projects. Robbie

  10. Thank you so much for your kind sharing of all these great projects. I love making them for family and friends and so happy to know where to go to get exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks again.

  11. Thank you so much for letting everyone participate in your wonderful hobby. Unfortunately I don’t have a Cri Cut machine, so I’ll try to cut everything out by hand. It’s all new territory for me, but I’ll take a chance. So I want to thank you for your wonderful templates.

  12. Hi! A great side…I’m searching some easy to make 3d Letters..maybe you’ll make some please let me know!! :-* 🙂 Chris

  13. How can I download the Dog Alphabet? Rosie’s birthday is on Tuesday and I want to make a banner, but I didn’t see the dog alphabet in the member’s area. Thank you for your amazing designs!

  14. Hi Sarah I just wanted to say thank you I really enjoyed your class time today I made the Home and Easter letters and they were amazing. So thank you so much you’ve got a fan here.

    Looking forward to enjoying some more if you’re beautiful at work

  15. Hi Sarah

    I have just finished my H and E from the craftfest 2023 and I love how my letters look. Thank you
    Just a question- you mentioned that you add the links to your projects in Design Space – where an I find them in DS?

    Thank you

    • Hi Sue sorry I must have explained myself wrong I meant uploading my files for the downloads, I don’t make my files public on Design Space any more but they are still available as the VIP pass thanks xx


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