Life Lately, House Renovations And A Few Plans For 2020


Helloooooo its been such a long time since I shared a round up, life took a terrible turn in 2019 and I just didn’t feel like sharing my feelings. Sometimes it’s so hard to write down painful events. Almost as if you are validating them by putting them into words.

Quite suddenly at the end of October my amazing Father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer, it was a total bolt out of the blue, he had never smoked. Additionally he seemed fit and healthy, so it came out of nowhere. Tragically by the time it was discovered it was too late and we said goodbye to him in November.

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It’s still so painful to write down, and watching your Husband and children experience that level of pain is excruciating. Even harder than going through it yourself. Weeks after we also lost my sister-in-law to cancer.

Going into Christmas we were exhausted, we were behind with all the work on the house and that alone is stressful, but with all the added pressure we went onto autopilot and got through a day at a time together.

Christmas Was A Surprise

We had no expectations at all. That is apart from surviving the festive season and all the emotion it promised to bring with it. Especially being the first year without Chris’s Dad and my Nan.

However going into something with no expectations changed everything. Because we did get through, and actually, it was lovely. We spent time with family and friends and focused on our little family. I didn’t get my camera out very often it felt wrong too. But the festive period strangely felt like have a warm family hug.

New Years Resolutions

None! After the last 6 months I have realised going with the flow, happiness and health are the order of the day for now. We have so much to be grateful for and this year we will be concentrating on that.

The Renovations

We had a break over Christmas, and my goodness it was wonderful to forget about it for couple of weeks.

Kitchen Update
Kitchen renovation

It’s almost done and looking AMAZING, we are thrilled as it’s everything we hoped for and more. Although we still have the skirting boards, and plinths to finish, and are having trouble with leaking windows, but it’s nothing that can’t be sorted. There really is more important things to get stressed about.

A New Map

Our new map is up in the garden room and it looks incredible. We were gifted the map by Murals Wallpaper, the plan was to go for a world map, however after a few chats we we decided to try out their bespoke service and have an ordinance survey map of our local area made.

The process was so simple, we tweaked the boundary a few times until we were happy. The map arrived on a roll ready to cut and fit and the quality is incredible.

Joe has been scouring the site and is now planning to have a red arrows mural in his room! We will see, but it would look super cool.

A Trip To France

Hoorah we have just set a date for our summer holiday and have decided on France. And will be working with Canvas Holidays, it’s something we have never done before, so are so excited to be heading to a family glamping site France to SOLEIL PLAGE in Sarlat in South West France.

We will be staying in a holiday home with a hot tub, and the pools on site look incredible, it will be a week in hot French sunshine for the Christie’s. France is a country I totally fell in love with on our last trip, this will be a chance to explore a little more.

We chose the site as there’s lots of sports facilities onsite or nearby, perfect for active teens. Although that’s if we can get them out of the lodge hot tub.

Canvas Holidays in The South of France

The Lion King At The Palace Theatre

Next week I am off to the launch event for Tony award winning Disney’s The Lion King and I am beyond excited. The Lion King will be showing in Manchester in October and goes on sale soon. I can’t wait to share more with you after the event but hopefully I will get a sneaky preview that I can share.


Lots Of New Recipes

There has been lot’s of cooking in the new kitchen mostly healthy meals, well apart from this incredible roast dinner pie we made last week. Seriously if you love roast dinner you have to try it! But I also have a few healthy meals to share soon too.

chicken leftovers pie recipe-2

So that’s life lately, I am hoping for a kinder healthier 2020 for all of of our family and friends.


  • Sarah Christie

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5 thoughts on “Life Lately, House Renovations And A Few Plans For 2020”

  1. I am so sorry about your losses. Losing one person to cancer is bad enough but two in such a short space of time is the worst. Sending love and hugs.
    It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, spending time with family and friends sounds just what you needed.
    Your kitchen looks AMAZING and I love that map!
    The trip to France sounds brilliant and the pools are gorgeous!
    Wishing you all the best for 2020 xx

  2. So happy to see you back. Many, many hugs for all the pain you’ve been through but I’m so glad that Christmas was kind to you. I think sometimes have little expectation can bring the best rewards. Love, love, love your kitchen and the map mural. What an interesting idea. I hope this year is much better for you, the holiday in France certainly sounds wonderful. xx

  3. Gosh Sarah so sad to read this, how hard it must have been for you all. xx

    I’m loving the two tone colour of the kitchen, we’re hoping (well I say we but it’s me, hub isn’t bothered, haha) to have our kitchen spray painted and I’m wondering about having two colours. Also… I’m definitely going to make that pie!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your losses Sarah, what a tough time it must have been for the whole family. It sounds like you had just the Christmas you all needed, together with no expectations at all. I hope 2020 is a much better year for you all.

    Your kitchen is looking amazing! I love the picture wall what a great way to display memories. A trip to France will do you the world of good I bet you are itching to get travelling again x

  5. Oh Sarah, I’m so very sorry for your losses and that the last few months of the year were such a tough time for you all. I’m glad that Christmas ended up being a gentle time and I do like your description of it being like a warm family hug. Glad that the renovations are almost done and your new kitchen looks amazing. Hope you have a lovely time at the launch for The Lion King x #WotW


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