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Keeping Kids Busy on Long Journeys

Kids get so excited about journeys don’t they? I know my two do. But the reality is that you need to ensure they are kept busy and have little activities up your sleeve so they don’t get bored.

I always build a Holiday Survival Kit, this is something I have done every year since they were tiny. It consists of mostly new items that they have never seen before to keep them busy on the journey.

Kids Holiday PackIf you have an iPad then take it, and trust me when I tell you, do not trust the kids to charge it. On our last trip I trusted Joe to do that very thing, it was all he had to do. As we pulled off the drive he announced he only had 10% battery.

I also ensure they have their earphones and we recently got this great little SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller that works perfectly with the iPad. This is fantastic for use in the car, we have those iPad holders that attach to the seat in front so they can watch movies, and this is also perfect for gaming.

Take an interactive book, this year I have chosen the My Holiday Rant and Rave book. It is such a great little double-sided book. You can fill all you holiday rants in from one side or flip the book over and fill your raves in from the other. It works as a journal and has pages to write about what they love about their holiday and what they don’t love so much, and spaces to draw pictures. I always buy and interactive book as it keeps their minds working and active, things like this thoroughly engage Joe to stop him getting bored.

Make sure you have plenty of pens and pencils and a pad, if all else fails draw. My two also love hangman and noughts and crosses and will spend ages playing.

I always let them buy a comic from the airport if we are flying; this is such a great distraction and keeps them busy for ages.

And lastly snacks, I find the mini bags of haribo’s and packets of raisins work best for us, I do try to hold these back for emergencies as if Joe knows I have sweets on my he wont rest until he has eaten them.

The boys have always been pretty good travellers and I really do put this down to the fact that I am organised and have plenty to keep them occupied. The holiday survival kit has become a big part of family holidays and something Joe gets so excited about. Jack on the other hand is starting to grow out of it now but there was a time when he too used to eagerly await holiday morning to see what was in his bag.

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Mrs H

Sunday 9th of August 2015

Putting together a holiday survival kit for the kids is such a great idea. The rant and rave book sounds fab. I certainly would have loved filling that in when I was a kid. And that games controller sounds perfect for car journeys and flights. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


Sunday 9th of August 2015

Thanks Mrs H, yes joe has loved the book as he loves scribbling notes and the controller is just great perfect for long car journeys x

Tracey Williams

Monday 3rd of August 2015

Love the idea of the Holiday Rant and Rave book. I want one for myself never mind the kids. I am totally with you and I always organise a surprise pack for them if we are going on a long journey (especially 9 hours to Florida). Made me laugh about Joe and his one job. We have just returned from a 1 night Glamping trip. Morgan's job was to pack and BRING his bag. Guess what he forgot ???? Kids eh xx


Thursday 6th of August 2015

Ha ha kids, how was glamping, I have always fancied it but never been brave enough x

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