Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Review And Diary


Ok, so this wasn’t a review I thought I would ever write. Why? Because I write about craft, travel, and food. I have never talked about menopause on my blog. This is going to be the first and last time. But I felt it important to share my experience so far with Happy Mammoth, Hormone Harmony.

It’s also important to say this is not sponsored; I have never had a conversation with Happy Mammoth, nor do I have any affiliate links or intend to.

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My Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Review

A Bit Of History

I have just gone through perimenopause and am now fully in menopause. My peri symptoms have been varied. The absolute worst is stomach problems, which started three years ago. For two of those years, I had to fight my doctors for HRT; there is only one doctor in our surgery who gets it and getting an appointment with her is almost impossible.

They wanted to put the problems down to other things, so I was sent for every test imaginable to rule out other issues, for which I am grateful. But I had had enough and took things into my own hands and went gluten-free, which has been life-changing and controls a lot of the problems. But still, bloating can be a problem.

I don’t get hot sweats, I get a dry heat that feels like I might internally combust. HRT did help with that and the mood swings.

But in March this year, I can even pinpoint the time it started; after thinking I had it sorted with HRT and feeling very smug about it, my periods stopped. That’s when it got worse because I also started to struggle to sleep, waking up throughout the night, itching skin, and anxiety in the night. I am not an anxious person, so this floored me a little.

Plus I also started to gain weight, 1.5 lb a month, wahhh! I eat healthily; we cook everything from scratch. I walk and do yoga four times a week and I couldn’t shift it. Losing weight has never been a problem before, so this was a real shock.

The Doctor Said Eat Healthy

I contacted the doctors, but my doctor was busy, so another doctor upped my HRT and told me to eat healthily, it wasn’t my hormones. I tell you what, one day she will go through this and I hope she remembers her advice. Why don’t doctors believe you when you say I eat healthily?

Anyhow, it helped the anxiety but not the sleeping, itching, weight gain, aching and brain fog ( I could just lose an hour and not realise). I think it’s safe to say desperation brought me to this product. I was not unhappy, but my symptoms made me unhappy.

Before I Purchased, I Spent Ages Checking Out Hormone Harmony Reviews

For want of a better word, the information and reviews about this product are very woolly. There are tons of positive reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot, but also loads of negative it’s a real mixed bag. The marketing is super aggressive, and as much as I wanted to try the product, all of this put me off. Then I found this balanced YouTube review and thought I would give it a go. So I took the plunge.

I was so excited when my Hormone Harmony arrived. You get an email inviting you to the Facebook group. And this was a real shock as there are so many more negative reviews than positive ones; so many people, all saying it didn’t work for them. I spent ages reading, feeling gutted and thought this would never work. So, wrote it off before I started, feeling quite stupid for being sucked in. But I had the supplements, so decided to give it a go, as I had nothing to lose. And here is how it went.

Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Review

My Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Diary

Day 1. I decided to continue to watch my diet along with the supplement. And figured, why not give it the best chance? I eat healthy anyway but cut out bread (gluten-free, which I eat maybe twice a week) however, I still eat out at weekends and don’t restrict myself. So, I took my first three supplements and had a headache that night.

On Day 2 I took 3 Supplements: no bloating but I did have a headache.

Day 3 Supplements: again, I had a headache, so I decided to drop to 2.

On 4. 2 Supplements: Felt bloated, constipated, and uncomfortable, but no headache.

Day 5. 2 Supplements: I felt bloated and stressed about being bloated. So, I decided to stop taking Hormone Harmony altogether. That night, I had the best night’s sleep in such a long time. This gave me a little hope, so I decided to take five days off and start again on one daily supplement.

During The Break

The bloating and constipation righted itself. However, I did notice on day nine that my shoulders were aching again, and I didn’t sleep as well that night as I woke up itching.

Starting Hormone Harmony After A Break

On Day 10, with trepidation, I decided to have another go and took one tablet. There was no difference on this day.

Days 11-14: I took one supplement daily and then found that I started sleeping without itchy skin. The aching ceased, and there was no bloating or headaches this time. On day 14, when I did my jeans up, I noticed I had gone down one notch on my belt. Now, I have spent months eating healthy, exercising and nothing. After reading the reviews, I believed I wouldn’t lose weight; this was more about not feeling bloated and sleeping better, they were my priorities. So I put it down to yoga, which I have been doing for three months.

I had day 15 and 16 off, as the instructions say to have a break.

On day 17, I continued with one supplement and decided to weigh myself; I had lost 3.5 pounds. Seriously, I was gobsmacked. I have been eating healthy since Easter and could not lose even a pound.

On days 18-21, I continued and decided to write this review; not to say it would work for everyone; I don’t know that, but I wanted to share my experience. However, on day 21 thought, I had better weigh myself again as I could have put it all back on. But… I had lost another 1.5 pounds.

I Am Now 30 Days In

It is Christmas, so am not worrying too much about eating healthy, or indeed weighing myself, but am getting lots of walks in. In the New Year, I will continue healthy eating. However my belt hasn’t tightened which is great; all the other symptoms remain at bay and so far I am thilled with the results. Overall, Hormone Harmony has worked for me; I feel so much better.

Noticeable Differences

  • Sleeping better.
  • No itching at night; this used to drive me mad.
  • I have less bloating and no constipation (I still feel full when I eat), but I don’t feel bloated like I used to. I am staying gluten-free as I wouldn’t risk ever going back.
  • Less aching, I sometimes get a shoulder twinge during yoga, but it was waking me up at night; this hasn’t happened.
  • Losing 5 pounds, which could be due to yoga and eating healthy, but I have been doing this since easter with no results. ( I know the weight gain was hormone-related, down to timing and how I felt.)

My Hormone Harmony Experience In A Nutshell

The initial experience was awful; three tablets were too much for me. I knew I had a hormone imbalance, you know, your own body. But the initial dose was too high for me. After a bit of experimenting, I have found the right level for me, for now.

I am guessing, and this is only a guess, that my body and hormones had to adapt. I am confident I can up my dose to 2 supplements if they stop being as effective. What I am shocked about is that for me they are working, after reading the reviews I was sceptical. However, for me, this product has so far been effective, and I am seeing results.

Yes, they are expensive at £52.00, but as I only take one a day, they will last longer. Obviously, if I need to, I can up my dose to 2 supplements a day. But this is about what my body needs, not what someone tells me to take; 3 was definitely too much for me.

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