Make Harry Potter Golden Snitch Favours With Cricut


I thought pre Halloween a fitting time to create these super cute Ferrero Rocher Harry Potter golden snitches. I spied them a couple of weeks ago. Do you know, I can’t think for the life of me where. But if you are wracking for brain for Harry Potter Party Ideas, then these are a simple and effective party treat.

Alternatively as the perfect hanging tree chocolate decoration. Because Wizards, especially Harry Potter are not just for Halloween.

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Make Harry Potter Golden Snitch Favours With Cricut

Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I adore little touches like this. They are simple, effective and inexpensive to make. But also guaranteed to bring a smile to any Harry Potter fans face.

Quidditch themed Harry Potter party

Any Self Respecting Harry Potter Party Wouldn’t Be The Same Without These Cute Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches.

I made these Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches with my Cricut Maker, the hardest part was the weeding out. If you go ahead and make the project yourself I would recommend using the more settings on cutting pressure, as it was a laborious task.

But hey, totally worth in the end, the result is so effective.

Harry Potter themed parry ideas

How did I Make Golden Snitches For A Harry Potter Party With My Cricut Maker?

Harry Potter Golden Snitches, Cricut Design Space
  • Firstly in Cricut Design Space I chose the heart with wings image.

  • Choose a circle and position over the centre of the heart, now remove the centre of the image with the slicing tool.

Slicing an image on cricut

  • Drag a large square over the centre also covering one wing and slice to leave on remaining wing.

Slicing half an image cricut

  • Unlock and drag the shape to make the wing more elongate.

  • Duplicate the wing and reverse the new image.

  • Drag a circle into the centre, unlock the circle and drag it to a semi circle shape.

How to weld in Cricut Design Space

  • Lastly weld the semi circle to the wings to create an area to add glue too.

The link to my finished project is HERE if you have Cricut Design Space access.

Party ideas

Alternatively Download And Print My Free Golden Snitch Template.

If you have Cricut access click for the Golden Snitch Party Favour Printable Template. Alternatively safe the template below and follow this link to find out how to add it to Cricut Design Space.

Free Harry Potter Golden Snitch Template

However save yourself a little time, if you are going to print and cut out this project, my advice would be, just cut around the edges it will be just as effective as it’s a printed image.

I have changed the outline and colour to gold as it fits with the image and will be more visual on the finished project. Alternatively, you can cut the image out on white card and use on the reverse for white wings.

But if you do really want to cut the project fully a craft knife will do the job.

Harry Potter Party ideas-2

A Few Other Harry Potter Party Ideas I Love.

You can’t make a whole party on the Golden Snitch, so here are a few additional Harry Potter Party Ideas I have found to help you plan your Harry Potter themed party.

Firstly how about this amazing Polyjuice Potion from This Grandma Is Fun. Click on the image for the link.

I adore these Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks from One Little Project

This Harry Potter Feature from Craftster Chic is the perfect addition to any Harry Potter Party.

Every Harry Potter Party needs house ties and these felt ties from One Sweet Appetite are super easy to make.

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