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From Tween To Teen

We are at that stage now, the boys are growing up, Jack has gone from a Tween To Teen. I know I talk about how this has flown all the time, in fact I talked about letting go last week, and how it takes my breath away how quickly our lives together are passing.  Sometimes I …

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Why A Villa Holiday Is Great For Families With Teens

Its time to start thinking about booking our summer holidays and plan where to spend our precious family time this year. As the boys get older it is becoming harder decision to make as we now have 4 opinions to consider. When they were younger we chose destinations and they fit in, that worked really …

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My Festive Fireplace

This week as I leafed through my Homes and Gardens Magazine looking for festive fireplace inspiration I was struck but how festive decoration seems to be very much trending towards Nordic, Scandinavian style. All very simple and beautiful, this is a style I adore but wanted to incorporate it to fit in with my current …

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