Catching Up With Friends, Italian Lakes And Coming Home


It’s been a whirlwind of a week and a blooming fabulous one at that. But a week that’s given me lots to think about. We started out the weekend spending time with friends and having a catch up over dinner.

We also had a bit more kitchen planning to do, I am not sure I will ever make my mind up and know exactly what I want? Getting a new kitchen right feels like such a huge responsibility. We have always bought new builds or renovated existing kitchens so starting from scratch is new territory to me.

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I had a rushed Sunday trying to balance family time and packing for my trip, which I honestly never had the brain space for, does that make sense? I was so excited but could not get my head around packing at all. I think my mind was in full on Bank Holiday mode and waiting in anticipation for Line Of Duty. I loved the ending, I was so glad H was not Hastings!


I am nearing the end the my Michelle Obama book which has been amazing, but also downloaded The Familiars by Stacey Hall. Omg I can’t put it down, it was recommended by the lovely Kat, her book recommendations are always spot on! Its set in Pendle which is the area we live in, its a bit odd with it all being local towns, but omg I am loving it.

Cernobbio in the Italian Lakes


The Italian Lakes with Bookings For You, wow it was breathtaking, I have loads to share but my all time favourite part of the trip was visiting Cannobio, as I wandered the candy coloured streets all I could think was I could not wait to take Chris back, he would love the whole vibe, everywhere you look is just so beautiful.

I am so fortunate to have some pretty fantastic blog friends and spending time with them is amazing. I also adore meeting new friends and this weekend was a spectacular mix of old and new, I am very lucky. x

pastel port buildings of Cernobbio

Coming Home

As much as I love my trips, its great to come home to all my boys, life here is crazy and coming back to the chaos feels fab.


There has been a lot of talk about blog direction, stats, themes and how you should do things lately. Sometimes when people are so sure their way is the right way it makes you feel pretty rubbish. Which is ridiculous, as this is MY SPACE and I love it, I wouldn’t change a thing and have always been pretty successful at not comparing myself to others and that is the way I intend to roll.

Maybe not having a niche confuses people but that is me, going through life popping from one idea to the next. Sharing anything else would be dishonest and not a good representation of me. Also I know it’s something my readers relate to, it’s ok not to be totally focused and have a goal all of the time. Yes, I do drift through life but that makes me happy.

And how one person measures success is not how another does. I suppose what I am trying to say is be you, and don’t compare yourself, but in equal measure don’t allow others to compare you either.

Thats it ramble over, but I feel I really needed to get that off my chest!

My weekly round up

And next week?

Something totally different, Donna and I are off to Southampton to the CLIA Cruise Event 2019, we will be getting the chance to see the brand new Celebrity Edge. Omg it looks AMAZING, after our last Celebrity Cruise I think Celebrity is my favourite cruise line.  We also have a lovely black tie event, omg I have no idea what to wear! And then I get to revisit the Queen Mary, it’s 10 years since we sailed to New York on her so I can’t wait.

Have a wonderful week whatever you are up to?

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A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up






Disclaimer by trip was fully hosted but all opinions of the Italian Lakes Are My own And I LOVED IT x

8 thoughts on “Catching Up With Friends, Italian Lakes And Coming Home”

  1. I have never seen Line Of Duty but after the hype of the latest series I am going to start watching it from the beginning.
    Ahh! I have seen photos of you on your trip and it looks like you all had an amazing time. Gorgeous photos!
    You blog your way! It is so much easier not to be pressured about stats, niches and themes.
    You do get about. hehehe Have a fab time at the cruise event. x

  2. Oh Sarah, your Italian photos are simply stunning, you are indeed a lucky lady. Enjoy the cruise ship too, and the black tie event. I know what you mean about blogging without a niche, I’ve been doing that for years now, I don’t like trying to fit in, it doesn’t suit me. I really enjoyed Line of Duty and I thought the ending was great, just enough to leave it open for the next season…
    Thanks for linking up with Word of the week this week and being one of my Wowers xx

  3. I loved your IG stories, from Italy (I love your stories normally, but those were special). As far as a niche goes, I’ve stopped thinking about it, I just write x

  4. Loved following your Italian trip over on Instagram. Fabulous photos. You looked like you had fun, with a lovely group of bloggers. You are totally right about not comparing your blog with others. We are all such individuals, which means we’ve all got different things to give. Keep rocking it! Oh and have a good week. #wotw

  5. I loved seeing your trip to beautiful Italy on your Instagram, those views of the lake looked amazing and the food oh I bet it was delicious. Coming home is always a nice feeling, nothing like a crazy household to keep you grounded. I often worry that I don’t have a particular niche, it’s what all the experts claim you should have but I like writing about all aspects of family life so that’s what I will keep doing. Have an amazing time at the cruise event, it sounds wonderful ! x

  6. what fab photos! We have recently watched Line of Duty beginning to end from series 1 and up to end of the current series and loved every second of it. So true what you say about blogging and staying true to yourself. #wotw

  7. Oh your photos from your trip are just stunning. What a beautiful place to visit and I’m so glad that you had a lovely time. The cruising event for this week sounds fun too. I love reading your blog and I’m with you on the fact that your blog is your space and you should do what you want with it. There is plenty of room in the blogosphere for all of us and it would be a very boring place if everyone did the same things with their blogs. #WotW


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