Booking A Ski Trip For Non Skiers


Sounds like and odd tittle doesn’t it? Booking A Ski Trip For Non Skiers? But I know our boys would love a ski holiday. Jack can ski quite well.

Chris and I on the other hand are not skiers, it all looks rather glamorous but I just know that we are more the chill out or explore type.

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So, as the sun is shining and as we Brits like to think ahead and plan for alternative weather conditions, I wanted to explore what we could do on all-inclusive ski holidays without actually skiing.

You see I would love nothing more than to announce to the boys that they could ski for a week to their heart’s content. I would then sit in a dark room holding my breath! Our children have no fear!

In many ways that is a wonderful gift. They will go into the world ready to succeed. In others ways it’s the stuff of parent nightmares. I am sure that no helicopter parent ever said I love the fact that my kids are fearless.

gondola in the snow

However I once read that the best gift we can our children is roots and wings. And if booking a family ski trip is giving them wings then that is something we should most certainly consider. Maybe be spontaneous and book a last-minute ski holiday to surprise the boys?

So I have been researching the best ski resorts in Europe and also what you can do on a ski holiday without actually skiing.

Long Snowy Walks.

I adore snow, the crisp noise it makes as you crunch through in your snow boots, the frosty biting cold. I can see myself spending a week in a snowy resort all wrapped up and enjoying long walks. With all the time in the world to enjoy the landscape,  with nowhere in particular to be.

how to do Skiing for non skiers
My Weekly Round up a snowing day at the foot of pendle hill

Being a skiing spectator

The joy about not wanting to ski is having the time to just sit with a good book, coffee and cake and watch the boys doing something that they love. Trying to be their competitive best against each other. I am rolling my eyes as I type but that the way it’s going to be, I just know it. And if that makes them improve, then a little competitiveness hurt no one.

Enjoying beautiful sunsets on the slopes

Having the time to sit and wait for that perfect moment when the sky is a pinky orange and it is reflecting on the snow, turning it to a sparkling glittery landscape. And enjoying the sun setting with a steaming hot cup of mulled wine and my camera in hand. We should all sit done and enjoy a sunset once in a while, there is something so beautiful and calming about a great sunset.

Pendle Hill in the snow at sunset

Sit by the log burner and read a book.

Great ski accommodation would be key, I am thinking a beautiful pine ski lodge with a huge open plan kitchen and log burners. Think the Bodyguard movie without the mad murdered on the loose?  Just to have the time to sit and read snuggled by the fire. We may live in a glorious location and enjoy lots of snow days. But when you are at home there is always something to do.

And having time to potter in that open kitchen with family buzzing around me, the kitchen is the main room of our home. Somewhere we can all congregate and socialise as we cook, making dinner time a social event to be enjoyed rather than a chore. This is a must for a holiday lodge, somewhere to cook and dine together.

Toast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate.

Enjoying family evenings chilling by the fire after the boys have had a long day on the slopes. Giving us the chance to watch and movie as we toast marshmallows, its funny how kids have this constant desire to toast marshmallows, maybe its old movies? I may even enjoy the odd boozy hot chocolate.

Boozy Hot chocolate

Visit local towns

Exploring local areas is such a highlight of travel. Yet the boys are not always so compliant, they like to take part in sports and activities rather than sightsee. This gives us the perfect opportunity to all do what we love and as the boys are taking to the slopes, we can sightsee to our hearts content. Everyone is indulging in something that they love and everyone is happy.

Go sledging and tobogganing.

A family activity we would have to make time for, I have the fondest memories of sledging with the boys as they have grown up, but on rubbish snow. Ok not strictly rubbish, but our snow is not as good is it? Although we have found a great sledging sport close to home that no one knows about! But sledging on a proper run with deep, deep snow that wont go slushy and brown and will look great on pictures.

Snow days

Book A husky ride

Another family one, but how amazing would this be. Who wants to ski when you could go on a husky ride? Although I would be the one not very glamorously hanging on for dear life, it is something I would love to experience.

Visit The Ski Spa

I keep hearing that one of the greatest things about skiing holidays are the ski spa’s. And of course you can’t visit a resort without checking out the spa facilities. I almost consider this a public service. You can’t get an overall grounded opinion of a resort without testing out said spa.

A day of massages, chilling in the hot tub and long leisurely swims followed by lunch overlook the piste in my big fluffy dressing gown sounds like the perfect way to spend time.

And after a hard day in the spa if we are feeling energetic?

We could head out to the resort to enjoy the apr├ęs ski atmosphere over drinks and dinner. Not every night needs to be a chill night. Some nights hitting the local restaurants and bars to hear about the boys ski antics, their successes and epic fails. Oh don’t worry they revel in highlighting each others short comings. The chance to point out where ones sibling is going wrong is a national sport in the Christie household.

So, is a skiing holiday for us? Have I discovered enough activities to keep all the family busy. Yet enabling some of us to ski should we choose tooAnd more importantly enabling some of us to avoid skiing. Ok there is an argument that a lesson would not hurt, its worth a try? But failing that there is so much to do to keep us busy.

A skiing holiday promises to be a relaxed and fun family holiday despite the fact that we don’t all ski, the right ski resort will keep the whole family happy and offer something for everyone. Without anyone feeling they are sacrificing their time doing something they don’t love.

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