Hair, Half Term And Crafts

Hello and how are you on this sunny day? I love that we have has a week of blue skies. But just needs to warm up A LOT. Its been a week of juggling half term with work and planning. The older kids get the harder they are to entertain. And the more it blooming costs to entertain them! We kicked off half term by getting together with friends. Its great when your friends have children a similar age, its makes getting together so much easier. And Joe and I have taken the chance to made a Jaffa Cake trifle, which was delicious, I may well blog it, it was so good. But the control freak in me wants to do that alone and get it picture perfect.

Pendle Hill


Chris has been getting some of the prep done for the garden room. And we have a huge shingle patio which all needs moving before we can start digging out groundworks so Joe and I spent a couple of hours shovelling and bagging up gravel. We are going to use it to create a grave patio further up the garden at a later date. But my goodness, there is sooooo much I don’t thing we are even half way through yet.

Seeing Shazam At The Cinema 

We chose Shazam because it was on at the VIP cinema, to be honest I did not have high hopes. However, it was fab like a cross between BIG and a superhero film. We both really enjoyed it and love the big comfy reclining chairs are waiter service, its such a treat.

A Little Bit Of News

I have mentioned a few times lately how on the weeks I work from home I get a bit fed up! I am ok when I have loads on but the weeks I am just working at my desk I get bored. If anything I procrastinate too much and get less done. So when one of my best friends, Kelly asked me to come and work in her salon a couple of days a week and also promised to fit around my blog it sounded like the perfect opportunity.

I so miss hairdressing, not teaching, but actually running a column and making people feel great about their hair. The Salon is called Sissors and is in Burnley town centre, and I am joining at a really exciting time with a planned refit so it will be all shiny and new. Honesty I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to have the best of both worlds. I know there are going to be weeks when I am sooooo busy, but I love the buzz of a busy life as you all know. Life is made for living, and this feels the right thing to do.

Watching Hair The Musical 

This week I got to see Hair The Musical, omg never has a show ever blown my mind to such a level. I am not sure I can even describe it, but the whole thing felt like how I imagine taking LSD to be like. It was so odd and surreal, but the acting and voices of the cast were outstanding. It was more art than a show and a totally different experience, but one that if you are open minded I would recommend.

Hair The Musical

Making Magnetic Travel Dolls And Planner Stickers

This week I took the plunge and got a new printer, my printer did not like my Cricut at all! Everything I tried to make ended up being a faff. Although we have had the printed for about 6 years, so I decided it was time to find a printer that was compatible with my Cricut.

The HP Envy 5020 is amazing and works in tune for all of my project so I may have got a bit giddy this week, and have made planner stickers and magnetic travel dolls. This is something I have wanted to do for a while but I didn’t trust my old printer, the print and cut feature of Cricut is actually genius. I have a few little projects in planning stage now, and there are also some exciting new vinyls coming out which I can’t wait to get my hands on.

How to make magnetic paper dolls

Cricut Print and Cut Stickers

Next Week

Is going to be crazy, but hey that going to be life for the next couple of months. We have kitchen planning, I am working a couple of days in the salon. Joe and I have a trip to Trafford Centre planned, he has grown out of nearly all his trousers. I am not quite sure when he shot up, but I am not officially the shortest person in the house, apart from Toby obs!

I also have two mega exciting shows planned, Disney on Ice with on of my case friends my little goddaughter and her sister, too see Disney through their eyes is going to be so magical. It gives me goosebumps every time I think about it.

And then I am also off to see Ghost at the Palace Theatre. Seriously I am beside myself, the film is just amazing. And I never forget going to see it at the cinema because it was the day I passed my driving test. Bury cinema had been done up which was about 20 minutes drive, I was with my friend Kelly and we had to phone our mums as soon as we got to the cinema to let them know we were safe. The world was madly in love with Patrick Swayze, the film was so worth the drive. It will be interesting to see how it transfers to stage.

Ghost At The Palace Theatre

And I thought I didn’t have much to say, hmmm as if that EVER happens. Have a lovely week what ever you have planned x

Please note I am gifted tickets in return for honest reviews.

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