My Weekly Round Up, And Celebrations

Hello, how are you, I hope your week has been amazing? Its been pretty busy over here celebrating and juggling work and half term. I think Joe was ready for a rest, that first term is a long one! Thankfully the weather has been kind, I am loving autumn this year. It is my absolute favourite season, but this year with all those gorgeous sunny days its been pretty spectacular. 

Here is what I have liked and loved this week.

Having and 18 year old 

Omg how did that happen, I know its so cliche but it goes so quick. How is our first baby 18? We had a wonderful day celebrating with a family meal in the evening. During the day Jack took Chris and his Granddad out to buy them a pint. Chris was so giddy about the whole thing!

I can’t believe I didn’t take loads of photos, I think we were all so absorbed in enjoying the day together, I do have some but the quality is not fab, lovely for memories but not for posting on here. However the important thing on the day was Jack and not my camera so I going to let myself off the hook. 

Pink Panther Tour of St Lucia
Paddle Boarding In St Lucia

I am so proud of the person he has grown into, he has had some tough challenges in his life, but this seems to have made him stronger. I honestly could not be prouder.

An Amazing Cake

I had no idea where to order a cake from, but remembered a few friends had shared incredible cakes on their facebook page. So after a few enquiries I tracked down Jenny over at Cupcake Queen. If you are local check her out! Just look at this amazing cake its incredible and I think it was the best sponge I have ever eaten. And have already put my order in for Christmas cupcakes.

Half Term And Long Walks

This week has flown, we have had a trip to Blackpool, all the birthday celebrations, some lazy days and some long country walks.

What to do in Blackpool

Living in the country we do walk a lot, it is so beautiful here in all seasons. And there is always something to see. Autumn is the time for walking in the local woods, with all the crunchy leaves and tree roots. The colours are stunning at this time of year.

I adore how Toby chases Joe around the forrest, so wanting to keep up but panicking every time he stands on a branch and he hears is crack.

New Coats

Last week Joe’s new coat from Jacamo arrived, I can’t believe he is in small mens sizes now for a lot of his clothes and is almost as tall as me. I feel like all we do is replace clothes at the moment he is growing at such a rate.

Does anyone else have a child or teen that won’t wear a coat to school? It drives me mad, I know he has a lot to carry but arghhhh. I am hoping this lightweight coat will make it into his school bag, as it won’t take up much room. And them lets hope he progresses to actually wearing it when it rains.

My New Desk

Sharing my new desk, I am totally in love with my new space. It makes such a difference having somewhere separate to work. I feel so much more organised and productive. 

Styling my desk with Ivy Line

Catching up with friends and date nights

This week has also been a fab week for catching up with friends over wine. Sometimes you just need a good old girly chat don’t you? 

And as Joe was staying at his Grandparents one night this week, Chris and I took the opportunity to go out for dinner. We had such a lovely evening and the great thing about have a teen that drives is that you get pay back for all the taxiing and Jack dropped us off and collected us after our meal.

The week ahead?

Promises to be a little quieter, we will be having a chill out weekend followed by a pretty quiet week for a change. Next weekend we are off to Brompton Lakes for a family weekend and a christening. Have a great weekend whatever you are up to? 

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

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