Why I Am Grabbing Family Time With Both Hands

We have been home from St James Club in St Lucia for just over a week now. Another holiday and gorgeous location ticked of the list. And more amazing family memories made. 

Yet I think I have suffered the post holiday blues more than ever this time. Despite having the most wonderful time and creating all those family memories. It all feels like it’s starting to come to end.

Jack is 18 in 2 month’s arghhhhh. He booked his first lad’s holiday at the weekend to Amsterdam. I kid you not I felt physically sick when he booked it, in fact, cards on the table I had to fight back the tears, as I am typing this now.

Part of me was secretly very proud of him; he has the confidence to coordinate his own travel, search and book flights and a hotel. I have trained the boy well. BUT part of me just wants to keep him wrapped up at home, I know, total helicopter mum. I even suggested to Chris that we book a trip to Amsterdam the same weekend. That we stay away, but are near enough if the need for us arises. Chris rolled his eyes and walked away, he didn’t ever dignify it with an answer.

Paddle Boarding In St Lucia

St James Club Beach at Sunset With Zoggs www.extraordinarychaos.com

The Beach at Dusk www.extraordinarychaos.com

Jack will always be welcome to travel with us!

He is a quarter of our family, I can see Chris rolling his eyes at that statement too. Telling me he is an adult and we can’t factor him into our trips anymore he will be making his own plans.

And then there became 3!  But not for every trip I am determined that he makes at least one family holiday every year. I am not going down without a fight. We have more trips in us as a family of 4 yet.

St James Club, St Lucia is perfect for teens.

And this trip was special, time to all chill together in an idyllic location. Offering the perfect balance between chill time and fantastic activities. Having that time so sit and watch them as they snorkel in the Caribbean Sea, or confidently take on water skiing or paddle boarding, or watching them loving covering themselves with mud at the volcano.

Zoggs Snorkel and mask set www.extraordinarychaos.com

Zoggs Flippers perfect for beach holidays www.extraordinarychaos.com

Free water-sports at St James Club www.extraordinarychaos.com

Mud Bath in the Volcano at St Lucia www.extraordinarychaos.com

It’s so important to set time aside for family time.

It goes so quickly they grow so quickly. Their first days at school seem like only yesterday. And now they are almost 13 and 18. And as the words of “ABBAs, Slipping Through My Fingers” runs through my mind, it makes me smile, however I also swallow back a tear.

Watching them grow is a pleasure and an honour.

I remember when they were a lot younger, we were in Las Vegas and there was a family with 2 older boys on the next table in a restaurant. And I recall looking at them and smiling, they were all having the best time. Enjoying each other’s company and laughing together, and hoping we someday have that relationship. And we do, I love how the boys interact more when we travel, how mealtimes always result us roaring with laughter at something or other.

And how we get to watch them learning new things and developing their skills. Becoming more confident with travel, interacting with people from all walks of life. A confidence that will ensure they continue with travel and develop a love of the world, we have installed that wanderlust into them. Its part of their DNA, just like Chris and I. As much as I fight back the tears, we have to be so proud that one of our babies is ready to learn to fly solo.

Although I am still not convinced I can stop myself booking a hotel in Amsterdam and getting a great disguise.

Thanks so much to Zoggs for gifting us all our holiday swimwear and snorkelling gear. I don’t think Joe will ever travel without his flippers and snorkel set again.