My Weekly Round Up And Girl Power

Hoorah for gorgeous sunny days, hasn’t this week been wonderful?

We have been so busy with school preparations and are now ready and excited for the new start. It feels like it’s been a long time coming and a lot of fighting to get to this stage. But at least we are here eventually, although I am sure we could have been saved a lot of heartache with a little support from the right people.

This week my gorgeous friend Kelly and I went into Manchester for dinner and to see Legally Blonde.

Legally Blonde  is by far this is the best thing I have watched all week. I had not seen the film so had no idea what the story was about. Or that it was based on true events. OMG I blooming loved it, I felt emotional when it ended. I loved it so much I watched the film last night, now I know I am a huge theatre fan, but if you love the film the show is much, much better.

Legally Blonde Lucie Jones, David Barrett Photo Robert Workman

The whole concept of supporting others is such an alien concept to others; mean girls do my head in. And that is what I really took from the show, how championing other women and not constantly tearing people down because they have a different belief or life plan than you is the way I want to live my life.

We also ate dinner at Albert Schloss

Wow I had never noticed it before, but how on earth did I miss that ever so beautiful entrance. And the food was lovely, reasonable priced and tasted delicious, the salad was incredible.

Albert Schloss In Manchester

Lunch with friends

Lunch at Albert Schloss in Manchester

Joe and I have made the most of the sunshine.

We managed to find time to head to our local river for him and Toby to have a paddle and cool down. As much as I am loving this glorious weather poor Toby is finds it hard. He tries to stay in shady sports where possible but balances this with trying to sit with the family when we are all in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

We had a lovely hour paddling, eating ice lollies and skimming stones.

Walking in the river to cool down

Cooling down in the summer in the river,

A lolly in the sunshine

The sun coming through the tress


Chris and the boys are in full football mode I don’t hate it! But I don’t love it either. Yes, it would be great to see our country do well. And if I am honest I would love for Gareth Southgate to rock it this year. But that is as far as my interest goes.


I am still reading My Big Greek Summer by Sue Roberts. It’s a really happy read and is currently £1.99 for the Kindle Edition so a great buy and beach read.

And the week ahead?

We are seeing friends over the weekend and will be making the most of BBQ weather. Its to glorious not too isn’t it?  Next week we have a very exciting school start.

I plan to do a little holiday shopping and also have a theatre date with my gorgeous friend Ruth. We are off to see Mama Mia at the Palace Theatre. I adore ABBA and the show; I first saw it when I was pregnant with Joe, way before the film came out. I am so giddy to see it again. And even more giddy about the new film, which is out soon! Argghh Cher is in it, I LOVE HER. How can it not be amazing?

Mamma Mia Manchester

Have a fab weekend filled with sunshine what ever your plans are?

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