5 Ways To Incorporate Shabby Chic Style Into Your Home

My home style has always been a little different. I don’t conform to what is expected in terms of interiors.

I find mixing styles and looks to create something a little unique and that work for our quirky home. Thus creating mix of country, industrial and modern styles to give a shabby chic look. I can’t bear matching and groomed, it feels far to formal. Yes, it works in many family homes, but not in ours.

For a little home style inspiration, I wanted to share a few tips on creating a rustic, shabby chic look in the home. A look that can stand the test of being lived in and used. Because, if you have teens that is exactly what you need.

Choose you interior colour palette carefully.

Think long and hard about your colour palette. Choose a wall colour base you can accessories and enhance. Heritage colours are a great choice, whether your chosen palette is warm or cool. They give you a base to build from, but also a carefully thought out colour can be re styled to suit your changing taste and trends.

Using a wicker basket as a side table

Laura Ashley Pineapple Cushion

Think outside the box when choosing lounge furniture.

When you are choosing pieces of furniture for a rustic decor don’t conform to what is expected. Think outside the box and look for vintage trunks, wicker baskets that can act as a stylish wicker coffee table. Additionally giving a little extra storage but with its own unique twist.

Table tops are simple to make with sturdy good quality trays. Thus making a great lounge table with a difference.

And choose a table lamp that can be personalised such as the Laura Ashley Whitley lamp, which has a glass dome ready to style to suit your interior and the season.

Quirky coffee table ideas

Mix interiors trends up a little.

Don’t stick with one unique style, play with trends and mix them up to suit your style. Interior trends and rules were made to be broken. Your home is a reflection of you and your family. Its needs to reflect what you love and make you feel at home. To give you a sense of identity rather than being a slave to interior rules and trends.

Laura Ashley Dome Lamp

Using a tray as a table top for a unique table

Decorate you home with flowers.

The right flowers completely lift an interior; we always have a bunch of fresh flowers somewhere in our home. They smell amazing and give you the ability to make subtle changes to your colour palette. Whilst we always have fresh flowers in our home, good quality realistic artificial flowers are also an excellent way to enhance our interior whilst having staying power.

Artificial flowers offer a lot of versatility that real flowers do not. And are perfect for long-term projects such a making a summer wreath or decorating a dome lamp.

Using Corks in a Dome Lamp

Realistic Artificial Flowers

Be open to changes in trends and how they fit into your home.

Don’t become too attached to your interior style, be open to changes in trends and how they impact on your look. Keep things fresh by trying new ideas, reading interiors magazines and browsing new interiors collections. When you choose to incorporate a new interior trend into your home, see where it fits with your current look, take out what doesn’t work and bring in fresh new ideas.

And if you are a lover of shabby chic, rustic interiors, I am chatting about the latest ever so gorgeous addition to our lounge over on the Laura Ashley Blog.

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Choosing a shabby chic style for you home and how to choose a decor that is cool but different. And how to make a rustic coffee table with a wicker basket, decorated with a dome lamp and realistic looking artificial flowers.