The Beast From The East 2018

Oh my, this week may have been inconvenient, but its been blooming breathtaking in equal measure.

And after 5 trips out for long snowy family walks, 3 with Pendle Hill in the background. I managed to take a camera along and record something that doesn’t happen too often. The easterly wind brings a different kind of snow, that has the ability to isolate us from the world for 24 hours, maybe longer?

It’s only happened twice in the last 8 years, but when it does we all do a little jig as it turns our little home on top of a hill into a winter wonderland, which is truly breathtaking. The Beast From the East 2018 has not disappointed.

This post is a little self-indulgent, but for me a way to save those memories for the boys, of growing up in the most wonderful place, with hills made for sledging at the end of our garden, and views that make you stop in your tracks no matter what you are doing. We are lucky, its something I never want to forget.

There have been moments when the wind and snow were so fierce, it has reminded me of a scene from Wuthering Heights. You show, THAT scene?

Here are a few pics from one of our walks. I managed to dodge the snow play to get a few shots of the sun setting over the desolate countryside. And oh my it was so worth getting cold for.

Sledging on Pendle

A tree in the snow on Pendle

A Snowy Walk

Pendle Hill in The Snow

Toby in the snow

Climbing in the snow

Family Walk beast of the east 2018

The Beast Of The East 2018

Dog in the snow Beast of the East

Pendle Hill in the snow at sunset

Snowy walk at the foot of Pendle Hill

Storm Beast 2018 the aftermath

Walking at sunset in the snow

Sunset In Roughlee

Sledging at Sunset

Pink Sky over Spen Brook Lancashire

Lancashire Sunset in the snow

Sun going down behind the Lancashire Hill