10 Instagrammable Places To Visit In France

France is somewhere I had previously never desired to visit, not for any particular reasons other than there were other places I wanted to visit more. And then we did a little tour of France and felt we had been let into the best secret ever. France is blooming beautiful. Ok there are so many more eloquent ways to put that, but the bare facts are France is breathtaking and there are so many stunning places to visit in France.

One of those countries that make Instagram addict’s heart skip a beat with excitement. I took so many photos during our trip and despite the weather (the worst France had seen in May for 100 years) everything was so pretty and oh so photogenic.

It has made me long for another family trip to France, traveling the length and breadth of the country exploring pretty places to stop and rest with our little family.

And for those doubting Thomas’s amongst you that haven’t caught the France bug yet, I have asked a few friends to share their favourite Instagram spots in France.

And with Brittany Ferries offering such a wide choice of convenient and easy ferry crossings across the Channel, I can’t wait to plan another trip exploring some of these beauties.

Claire from The Talking Suitcase adores the beauty of Étretat

Étretat was originally a fishing village that became a popular seaside resort in the 19th century when Impressionist painters like Monet and Gustave Courbet came to paint the extraordinary landscape. And you can see why with these views and am I the only person that would feel the profoundness of sitting and admiring a view the Monet once painted?

Nothing makes me swoon like a pretty street and Chloe’s photos from the streets of Lot et Garonne and Aquitaine are utterly beautiful.

I think it’s the pastel shutters and window boxes that make the streets look like they come straight out of a Disney movie. Wandering pretty street is such a luxury, especially when you have time on your hands to take photos and choose the perfect spot for that ever so cute baby photo. Check out Sorry About The Mess for more photos but this one makes my heart melt.

Lot et Garonne and Aquitaine in France

And talking about Disney, Chateau D’Usse in the Loire Valley is rumoured to have inspired Sleeping Beauty

Penny from Parent Shaped shared this very informative post looking at travel options to the Loire Valley. And with the promise of Chateau D’Usse at the end of a trip its is certainly a trip worth making.

Nell from Pigeon Pair And Me shared this gorgeous post about the Glénan Islands, in northern France.

Being part of Brittany: the Glénan Islands lie around ten nautical miles off the west coast of Finistère,  with the craggy corner of the country reaching out into the Atlantic Ocean. These long stretching teachers are the thing of dreams, offering long expanses of open beach that look almost tropical. I am DESPERATE to visit this region how beautiful is this?

I struggled to choose a favourite from Kirstie’s collection of instagrammable places in Paris

OMG they are all gorgeous and I am ever so slightly envious of her solo trip to Paris. Where she vowed  to walk, to do less and notice more. This is my kind of trip. I do adore having a wander with my camera and Kirstie did it in PARIS. Check out her post which is a visual feast of Paris, and those clocks, but you will have to visit The Family Adventure Project to see them! Seriously, all the hearts for this post.

Instagrammable places in Paris

Le Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy is a real fave of Donna from Like Love Do

Having a holiday home not far from this incredible landmark Donna has shared so many breathtaking photos over the years. Le Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most visited sites in France and is a Unesco Heritage site. It is visited by over 3 million people every year and as of 2009 the island had a population of just 44 people. Donna’s post offers some great history and useful tips. And those photos………..

If it’s beaches you crave then Daisy’s post looks at her favourite beaches in the Ile de Porquerolles region France

Made up of pebbles rather than sand, and surrounded by craggy rocks topped with beautiful green pine trees, Brégançonnet is picturesque. The southern side of the island is a different story to the soft sandy beaches of the North. Check out the post over at Dais Like These for a little beach inspiration.

Beaches on Ile de Porquerolles, France

I just adored following Lisa’s trip to Normandy last year and her 48 hours in Nantes look just perfect for people watching.

And the Mechanical Elephant is so very Instagram worthy and something her family really enjoyed. Her post shows how exploring is so wonderful with small children in tow.

Nantes in France

My lovely friend Keri-Anne shared this picture from Disney Land Paris recently and how can I not include Disney?

Yes, I know it’s not the real France but you can deny that Disney is oh so very Instagrammable. And who doesn’t love a bit of Disney Spam, I actually look forwards to her trips and check out the rest off the photos over at Life As Our Little Family, it makes you want to rush off a book a trip.

Lastly one of my favourite pictures of our trip to the Burgundy Region, I totally fell head over heels with the whole region.

However looking at this lovely lot above, I can see we have a whole lot more exploring to do.

A Post Card From Treigny

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10 Instagram Worthy Places To Visit In France