My Weekly Round Up And Little Loves, Planning

This week has been a mixed bag, mostly good with lots of behind the scenes planning  for work and on the school front. I think we know where we are going now and I feel positive and excited about it.

Made Decisions

Thanks so much to everybody that messaged me or commented and showed support, it means so much. It has been a real shocking experience. And just shows, despite all the policies and agencies such as OFSTED, eduction is not always the experience its meant to be.

This last month has totally stripped me of any faith in our eduction system. Something that will take a long time to rebuild. Which is a shame because teachers work so hard, yet morale seems so low.

One thing I am so grateful of right now is my suspicious nature, because had it not been for that I would not have started digging, thus discovering the whole picture, which is truly worrying. But this is a positive as now we are able to remedy the situation and make sure Joe is heard in education. That he does feel valued and listened too to enable him to learn. But also to know the boundaries and enjoy his education.

I think putting all the pieces together has given me a lot of peace of mind. I can stop worrying about the future it is all solvable, but sometimes such changes take radical decisions. As parents it’s our job to ensure our children are getting the best deal, and if they aren’t? Then act accordingly.

Weekend planning

I have also been planning my calendar and work schedule for the next month and it looks to be an exciting month ahead professionally and personally.

Starting with an exciting event in London next week with Cricut, I am totally in love with my Cricut machine and can’t wait to move home and set up and office/crafting room. I am getting a bit giddy with my Pinterest board. It will be like a crafting heaven, but with gin! I know heaven, right?

And also a trip to Center Parcs next weekend. We are so exited to be leaving the world behind for a weekend and living in a bubble in the forest. We are travelling with our good friends who we have spent many, many happy weekends at Center Parcs and are looking forward to making more lovely memories.

Talking about high school problems, A weekend cup of coffee and planning

My planner and planning


There seems to be so many drama’s starting and there are some fab ones. My fave this week has been Silent Witness. It’s great to get into a season of dramas and say goodbye to the festive season of reality TV you can only take so much of that can’t you?



I am reading a lovely book at the moment; you know one of those books that you can’t wait to read every night. It’s called “How To Be Happy” by Eva Woods I am only part way in but already adore the characters. It was recommended by somebody on Little Loves, I can’t remember who it was, but thank you for the recommendation it is a great read so far.


Lots of weather forecasts, grrr, I was meant to see Shrek at the Palace Theatre on Wednesday night but it snowed. I feel like I have been on weather watch all week. The annoying thing is I bet there isn’t a sniff of snow when we are at Center Parcs.


I got back into the gym and yoga this week, it’s been a month since my last lesson and oh my, have I missed it. Life just gets in the way sometimes doesn’t it! Thankfully I walk Toby every day so still get exercise but the gym costs a blooming fortune so not going for a month is just crazy! Anyhow back on it now and a swim is already planned for later today.



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