My Weekly Round Up, Little Loves And Travel Drama’s

Even by the crazy Christie standards, this week has been blooming manic, there has not been one night this week that we have all been home together.

I have doubted myself as a parent a bit allowing all these adventures on a school night. But then asked myself will Joe remember this week at school or this week’s mad crazy fun. And a week of late night never hurt anybody. It is Christmas?

I want the boys to remember all the adventures they have had growing up, of all the fun they had. Even those disasters like taking 3 hours to get home from Manchester on Monday night. I honestly never thought we would make it home.

Why on earth would the highways agency shut one of the only routes in and out of Manchester from Bury, Burnley, Colne and many more towns? Thus completely gridlocked the only other route (unless you choose to ramble or go on a 70 mile de tour) I kid you not, we crawled home from Manchester a 40-minute journey taking 3 hours in -4 degrees. I would have thought at this time of year with the Christmas markets, Christmas do’s and shopping the traffic would have been greater and this avoided! Anyhow rant over! But be warned the m66 is shut at 9pm until the 20th of December.

Pendle Hill in the Snow,

Little Loves and country walk

Last weekend we had a quiet Sunday, where we had planned to go on a long country walk and have a glass of wine on the way. The boys bailed out, which left Chris, Toby and I to have a lovely walk alone. The boy missed out, but I suppose that is all part of growing up.


An interesting survey run by Center Parcs stating that this Christmas Day, 1.5 million adults will be seeing their immediate families for the first time this year, after last seeing each other at Christmas in 2016.  Center Parcs revealed one in three (36%) of us only see our parents once a year and half (52%) of people see their siblings less than six times a year. Furthermore, more than a quarter (27%) of people only make the effort to see their immediate families at special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and weddings.

I too am guilty of this, it’s so hard when your family live all over the country, however this really made me thing and I am definitely going into the new year with the intention of changing this.

We have a little trip booked for Center Parcs at the end of January, its a huge celebration with great friends and I cant wait. I do love a post Christmas break, it gives you something to look forwards to after Christmas.


Joe and his friend Finlay have so much fun at Winter Wonderland Manchester. I am not a fan of traditional fun fairs, but Winter Wonderland is a great event for kids. I think Joe was a little at the top of the age range this year being 12. But there were still quite a few rides he could go on.

He and Fin made full use of the 3 hours we spent there, running from ride to ride, goodness knows how many times they rode the dodgems. They had so much fun. And yes getting home was a drama but it was worth it to see the boys have such a great time.

Winter Wonderland Manchester

Ride at Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Near Trafford Center


Oh my, I went to see Beautiful, The Carole King Musical on Wednesday night. It was just incredible. Not only is it the most wonderful story, but also the show has the most amazing feel good factor.

Again a bit of a drama getting there, my friend Ruth and I decided after Monday night debacle we would get the train. I got stuck in traffic on the way to the station and missed the train. Ran for the bus, who drove past us, waited for another, and did you know buses don’t take switch, I mean who carries money these days? Can you imagine the walk of shame off the bus with everybody was looking ha ha. So after a 30-minute wait we finally got the train. At one point we questioned whether someone was trying to tell us to not go to Manchester. But oh my, it was so worth it we loved the show.


I have been rubbish on this part, I have a few new bits I could have photographed but I think the poor light has made me pick up my camera so much less this week. However Joe sort of wore these angel wings on Monday night when we nipped to the Trafford Centre for dinner.

I didn’t have my normal lens with me so I took this with my phone, but it makes me giggle. Joe with angels’ wings! Bless him.

Angel Wings at trafford Center


Ooh I made boozy hot chocolate gifts this week, I will be posting a tutorial next week but here is a sneaky peek. I am so pleased with how they turned out.

Elf themed Christmas mugs,

And that’s it, phew, I think its time to start winding down for Christmas now, it’s looking like the weather is going to warm up, I hope not I have everything crosed for a snowy Christmas. We plan to nip out for lunch and mulled wine tomorrow and maybe a little festive shopping.

Have a lovely week whatever you are up to!!

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