Choosing A Travel Inspired Christmas Tree From John Lewis

Christmas is all about traditions isn’t it? My feed is full of people chatting about how they have a set roster of family traditions, which they are currently working though with their families.

That is what the whole basis of Christmas is focused around. Age old traditions that families look forward to and hand down through the generations. And as your children grow up these traditions change, some stay, but not all of them.

pink John Lewis Maharaja Christmas Decorations www.extraordinarychaos.con

Maharaja Christmas Decorations www.extraordinarychaos.con

John Lewis Maharaja Christmas Tree www.extraordinarychaos.con

Gold John Lewis Maharaja Christmas Decorations www.extraordinarychaos.con

This year in my endeavour to do things differently I have completely changed the way we have decorated our home. I say completely, we still have a tree. Well, we now have 2 trees.

A white tree in muted pastels quite understated and pretty. And then the OTHER tree a tree full of colour and vibrancy.

It’s the first year we have put a John Lewis Artificial Christmas tree in the kitchen. Which is crazy as this is where we spend all of our time, where we entertain and hang out as a family. Yet we have never put a tree in there!

The theme had to be travel related as the tree would be nestled amongst our much loved travel photos. Which over the years has become a gallery of memories from our family travels. Nothing else would fit!

It also had to be bright and vibrant to fit into our black gloss kitchen, I wanted to create something bright and colourful that was a complete contrast to our other more muted tree. My chosen theme is Tales of the Maharaja from John Lewis. Which is an opulent range of glistening jewel tone baubles and decorations, perfect to brighten any family room, in our case the kitchen.

The freedom of being let loose with bright colours on a Christmas Tree was wonderful and the more vibrant the better. And With no understated decor to fit in with I could really go to town on the John Lewis website. Our kitchen was screaming for vibrancy, colour and life and this is exactly what this beautiful, bold and bright theme gives the kitchen. An injection of exotic Christmas, tales from far lands, inspiring travel and adventure.

But also choosing realistic looking Christmas tree that can withstand the heat of the Christie household without dropping its needles. And that is tall enough to not get swallowed up with the high ceiling in our kitchen and the cave like darkness created by a black gloss kitchen. A 7ft tree full of colour is just perfect for this space.

Tales of the Maharaja tree

Blue Maharaja Christmas Decorations www.extraordinarychaos.con

John Lewis Christmas Decorations www.extraordinarychaos.con

John Lewis Maharaja Christmas bird Decorations www.extraordinarychaos.con

John Lewis realistic looking Christmas Tree www.extraordinarychaos.con

Pink John Lewis Christmas Decorations www.extraordinarychaos.con

I love that it is acceptable to have more than one Christmas tree!

Christmas is all about having fun, celebrating that is good and colourful in the world. And embracing that in the home is the perfect place to start. Our kitchen feels so festive and as we enjoy a pre dinner glass of wine, battle homework or just hang out, the lights are twinkling in the background lighting up our wall of adventures. But also inspiring new adventures and travels for the years ahead.

Check out John Lewis for some great decorating tips. My top tip is be brave go for a huge tree to impose a space. And fill it with things that make you smile, whether that be  bold colours or muted tones, Christmas is about doing what makes you happy.

And one last question, are John Lewis Christmas Trees worth the money? Absolutely the quality is exceptional, the tree is sturdy, slightly waxy, did not drop a single false needle and looks blooming fantastic.


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