My Weekly Round Up And A Postcard From Mark Warner Lakitira

As I am sat in Greece writing this post I am sighing a huge sigh of relief, as things could have been so different this week.

As just like kids do when you are about to go on holiday. Or is it just our kids? Joe had an accident. He fell whilst playing. Leaving awful grazes on his face and shoulder and HUGE black bruise on his knee and worst of all his two front teeth snapped off just over half way down.

Now anyone that knows me will know I have a huge teeth phobia. I can’t look at broken teeth. It was horrific, Joe was heartbroken and in pain and I struggled to look at him. All I could do was offer to drive to the hospital as Chris sat in the back with him. And hold his hand at the hospital to offer support; the scary thing was he kept trying to go to sleep.

Fortunately after hours waiting at the hospital we found that no bones were broken. And he did not appear to have concussion. We now had to wait anxiously till Monday to get an emergency appointment for the dentist. And the dentist was just amazing. I could have cried with relief when they told me it was not a problem and they could repair his teeth to look like new there and then.

Mark Warner Lakitira

Thankfully we were still able to set off for our holiday to Mark Warner Lakitira in Kos. 

And I have to say after all the drama I found it very hard to relax for the first few days. I really wanted to wrap Joe up in cotton wool. Not let him head of with all his new friends to the kids club, but he loves all the freedom the resort offers. And is fully absorbed in Mark Warner life.

Learning To windsurf at Mark Warner Lakitira

Jack on the other hand is taking a totally laid back approach to Mark Warner and not doing very much at all. But he is chilled and happy and enjoying taking part in activities on his own terms.

On Thursday we all waited anxiously for Chris’s mum to report back with Jack’s GCSE results. I have to say it was the longest morning of my life. And was so relived when we heard Jack got everything he needs to get on to his apprenticeship in architecture. He is thrilled, we all are! And we are so very proud of him.

teenagers at Mark Warner Lakitira

So all dramas and exam results aside we are chilling out and enjoying life in the sun. The resort is like nothing we have done before. Very pretty with little houses and flowers dotted around and so many water sports to take part in it is almost overwhelming. But the Mark Warner app makes it so easy to find something to suit everyone.

Whilst Joe is off trying every single water sport possible, Chris, Jack and I are chilling out. Jack and I head out on a canoe yesterday and plan to get some sailing tuition next week. And Chris fancies a bit of windsurfing.

The harbour in Kardamena

Last night we head into Kardamena, which is the prettiest little town with lots of shops, bars and restaurants.

After a bit of drama prizing Joe away from his friends, we had a lovely evening exploring, taking photos, eating mezze and trying out the local beer. It is the friendliest little town and now to be missed if you are in the area.

Now I am off to the pool, Jack wants too take a canoe out again. And at some stage I will track Joe down with the kids club and get some photos of him sailing. Have a great week whatever you are up too!

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  1. 26th August 2017 / 12:33 pm

    Huge congratulations to Jack!! I bet those results helped with easing your shoulders down in to a more relaxed state 🙂 Hope you’re having a brilliant time xx

  2. 26th August 2017 / 6:58 pm

    So glad Jack got the GCSE’s he needs. Your holiday sounds amazing. I know they would offer support for my son too so I really need to look into them when I have had my Dinsey fix #WotW

  3. 26th August 2017 / 6:59 pm

    Well done to Jack! And oh my, how stressful that drama must have been before your holiday, I’m so pleased Joe’s OK and enjoying himself now. It sounds idyllic there, I hope you all have a wonderful time x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. 27th August 2017 / 5:48 pm

    Oh my goodness. It’s certainly worrying when our children have accidents. My eldest had to undergo an op when she was one on her finger. Great to read that your son got everything he needs for the apprenticeship and you can all chill out now. I’d be up for water skiing if there’s some, #WotW

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