My Weekly Round Up, Little Loves And Getting Ready For Kos

Woohooo this time next week I will be in sunny Kos at Mark Warner Lakitira and I can’t blooming wait.

I am so looking forward to a bit of family time in the hot sunshine. It’s been a funny month in one-way and another. There have been so many big decisions made, all very exciting but time-consuming and daunting. And lots of big changes for our lovely boys.

I have had the most exciting couple of weeks, last week I was working on a fantastic project which I CANT WAIT to share, it was so much fun. And the great thing was that I got to share it with friends too!


This has to be the marshmallow brownies that Joe and I made this week. The marshmallows completely melted which I hadn’t anticipated, but they were so good. Last week a wonderful cook told me the key to great brownies is to undercook rather than overcook and omg they were amazing.

My Weekly round up and brownies

Chocolate and marshmallow brownies

Wore and Watched

I am handing this over to Joe this week as his new school uniform arrived. He was so excited when the parcel arrived from Mark And Spencer arrived. He literally ripped open the packaging and ran upstairs to try it all on.

It was one of those moments for me, my baby in high school uniform! Weeps….. He looked so smart and what really struck me was how confident he looked. Joe is so excited about starting high school, not daunted in the slightest. I love that he is stepping into the next stage of his journey with such vigour and confidence.

Oh and you have to check out the blazers, the sleeves are so clever they have and adjustable cuffs allowing for 3cm of growth. All you do is take some stitching out and you can extend the cuff, genius! and it also saves us having to buy a new blazer when he grows.

High School Uniform from Marks and Spencer

Joe's School Uniform from Marks and Spencer


More sad news this week, every time another atrocity happens it makes me fear a little more for our children future. There really are no words.


I have been avidly following loads of amazing bloggers on their travels on Instagram stories in anticipation for our trip. And looking forward to camping over on the Mark Warner Instagram feed next week to share what Mark Warner holidays are like for families with teens as part of my very exciting year as a Mark Warner Mum. Check out what we get up to from Wednesday onwards. I love how Instagram turns into a mini blog when you are travelling.

This week I tried out Collagin

Yes, you read that right, it is gin distilled with pure collagen, it’s packed with youth inducing botanical’s. Some of the main botanical’s include star anise and pink grapefruit with a hint of vanilla bitters, which gives it a really smooth sweet after taste. It is so delicious, a bit too easy drinking. I have high hopes for this gin and its anti ageing ingredients. And it’s nota gimmick it tastes blooming amazing.

Collagin, Gin distilled with pure collagen

Have a fab weekend whatever you are up too and watch out for my weekly round-up from Kos next week, arghhhh I am soooooooo EXCITED.

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up



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  1. 19th August 2017 / 9:58 pm

    How exciting Sarah, can’t wait to follow your travels on Instagram. You will have an amazing time no doubt ! Joe looks super smart in his new uniform, it’s so much easier for us parents when they are confident and take everything in their stride isn’t it. Hope you have had a good weekend x

    • 20th August 2017 / 12:12 am

      Woo boo know exactly how you feel August has been a funny month for me too, we are off to sorrento can’t wait ? for so much needed ??and vino and relaxing. Have an amazing time with the family look forward to seeing the pictures ?

  2. 20th August 2017 / 6:37 pm

    Ah Joe looks lovely in his uniform. We finished getting Katie’s this weekend and as soon as we got home she rushed upstairs to put it all on (weep). How do they instantly look more grown up with a blazer on. I can’t wait to follow your Kos adventure Sarah, and sun !!!! Something this summer has really been lacking x

  3. 21st August 2017 / 12:05 pm

    Aaah the uniform upset!!! I have bought the twins their little uniforms and it literally makes me want to cry!! I am so not ready for them to go to school yet.

    But HURRAY for Kos!! How I wish I was coming with you. I want to emigrate — I’m so fed up of yet another summer with no sunshine.! Can’t wait to see your adventures xx

  4. 24th August 2017 / 10:22 am

    He does look smart in his new uniform. Hope the beginning of term is a good one. The brownies look wonderful. Enjoy your break. #wotw

  5. 24th August 2017 / 9:13 pm

    Joe looks very smart in his new uniform and those brownies look amazing. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday x #WotW

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