My Weekly Round Up, Exams

It’s hard to know where to start today. My heart is still filled with sadness. I am trying to make sense of all the tragedy and sadness around me in a week, that feels like it has all been a bad dream in many ways.

There are no words are there? How do you carry on as normal when such atrocities happen, how do you keep your children safe? And that awful fear that actually there is nothing you can do. But the relief that apart from all the horrendous grief it has caused, this cruel disgusting act has pulled people together in so many ways.

Last week started with the Blog On Blog Event. It was fab, my favourite so far. I picked up some great tips and inspiration and got to spend time with lots of lovely bloggers. Sometimes that is every bit as inspirational as we all have different ways of doing things. I love to listen to others and get hints and tips on what works for them.

The week  has been dominated by exams again. But you know what? The fact that it has dominated the week tells me Jack is making a real effort.

We are so proud of him. No matter what his results he has worked hard and done his best and that is all can ask.

This has been an exciting week on the blog front with my little She Shed Post going live. I loved being involved in the project it was so much fun to be part of. And has given me loads of ideas for when I build my very own She Shed in the garden.

The Perfect She Shed And Creating A Little Space For Me

And also being featured on the Walt Disney World website arghhh I am beside myself with excitement about it. I LOVE Disney, so it is such a honour. I have also been featured on the gorgeous Laura Ashley Blog with my tile up cycle.

My Weekly Round Up, Exams and Extraordinary Chos being featured on the Disney Website

My Weekly Round Up, Exams and Extraordinary Chos being featured on the Laura Ashley Blog


We have a jam-packed weekend planned with friends and family and are so looking forward to a chilled week. We did not book to go away this half term as I felt it would be to disruptive being in the middle of GCCEs. This is the first May in years we have been at home and not travelling, but I am sure we will make up for it.

I have a new gin, it is from the Winchester distillery and I have to say they have a few quite exciting gins.

I have been trying the Hampshire Fine Dry Gin which has lemony notes but a real sweet after taste. A real easy drinking gin. And check out their twitter comp to win a bottle and you need to do is RT my tweet to be in with a chance to win.

My Weekly Round Up Exams 1

Lastly, this week I got a new phone. Much to Jacks disgust I went for the iPhone SE. It looks the same as the iPhone 5 and does everything the 6s does but is cheaper. For me it was more about the data package, I have got a great deal with EU and 5 international countries included in my data package. Which is so much better when travelling.

And you know what? I love have a smaller phone it is sooooo much easier. Yesterday I thought I would give the camera a test and really pleased with the results. Ok not as great as my camera, but a reliable emergency option.

My Weekly Round Up Exams 1

My Weekly Round Up Exams 1
My Weekly Round Up Exams 1

My Weekly Round Up Exams 1

My Weekly Round Up Exams 1

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, I hope this sun stays with us.

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