My Weekly Round Up, Fog And YouTube

What on earth has been going on this week with the northern weather?

It has been foggy for a week. I suppose that is the downside of having your desk next to the window, and living at the top of a hill? It has been dark for a week, I have been longing for sunshine and blue skies. And had no idea how much I relied on light, but all that fog made me feel a tad grumpy. A world without blue skies, sun rises and sunsets is pretty grim.

But thankfully the sun came out yesterday. And as I lay on the floor of my yoga class with the sun streaming onto my face I felt so calm and grateful that we finally had a little light.  It is incredible the effect it can have on you? Just to walk out into the sun and hear the birds again felt wonderful. So much so I felt compelled to grab my camera and take a few pictures, this has been almost impossible for the last week. Maybe that is why it has got to me so much?
My Weekly Round Up And Fog And YouTube

My Weekly Round Up And Fog And YouTube

My Weekly Round Up And Fog And YouTube

I have also been trying to give my YouTube Channel a little love this week.

It is something I have really tried to avoid up to now. I love making  vlogs but hate editing them. It’s totally my fault, I was filming in sections and then putting them all together, it was painful! Anyhow I recently made the decision to aim for one-shot films. And it is so much easier. My channel is so tiny, but I am enjoying tinkering.

My Weekly Round Up And Fog And YouTube 4

I have learnt so much this week, made a few mistakes. And am starting to get my head around the difference light and position can make. Of course I am learning by my mistakes as I go along, but I can live with that. My mission today is to get a light for my camera, I am just not sure exactly what I need but my aim is to find something that works.

It has all been about routine around here,

The boys have both got big years with SATs and GCSEs so homework is a big feature and making sure they are up to date, and that Jack is revising. He has decided what he wants to do going forward and now just need to get the grades to make this a reality.

My Weekly Round Up And Fog And YouTube

My gin of the week is this gorgeous Cotswolds distillery dry gin;

It has really strong but smooth taste of lemons and grapefruit. I was chatting over on Instagram yesterday about how I am loving this journey of gin discovery, and how incredible it is that good gins are all so very different in flavour. It’s really very hard to choose a favourite, the way forward is having a selection of gins to suit your mood. And for me the Cotswolds distillery reminds me of a spring day, the sort of gin you would drink when you want to feel energised.

Lets hope this sunshine stays around; I am so hoping our days of living in fog are over. Have a lovely week whatever you are up to.


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