4 Great Places To Spend Christmas

I know we are in the midst of festive preparations, but is anyone else feeling just a bit tired and In need of a holiday? Because I know I am. I talk often if how life is changing as the boys grow older. How we may start making new Christmas traditions.

And where better to start than travel. Long gone are festive trips to Santa in woodland cottages for us. I am looking at a future of Christmases in far-flung places, celebrating local culture, embracing city life or soaking up some much-needed vitamin D.  When Falcon Holidays asked me exactly where I would go? I did a little research and made a list of 4 great places to spend Christmas as a family, because the only thing you can do with change is embrace it.

Why the boys love Beaches Resorts Turks And Caicos,The beautiful Caribbean Sea

New York

I am sure this has everything to do with films such as Elf and Miracle on 34th Street but I long to visit New York at Christmas. To visit the Rockefeller tree and see it is all of its festive glory. To go to the top of the empire state building just like in Sleepless in Seattle. Walk through Central Park in the snow. I know all very romantic, but what better city to relive your favourite festive movies than New York?

4 Great Places To Spend Christmas


In total contrast to spend a day overlooking the Caribbean Sea with a cocktail in hand sounds glorious doesn’t it? The relaxing sound of Bob Marley and waves lapping in the background. Eating jerk chicken for Christmas dinner washed down with a rum cocktail. And watching a festive sunset whilst enjoying the last of the day’s sunshine, oh bliss.

 Canary Islands 

Another sun filled holiday, but with the snow-capped mountains in the distance and a camel ride we can almost feel like we are bringing Christmas to the sun. And with Joe being a lover of all thing Cowboys a trip to Rancho Texas Park in Lanzarote would be the perfect way to spend a day. Of course there would have to be lots of time factored in for sunbathing with a good book enjoying that famous Canaries breeze whist I chill in a perfect 22 degrees, whilst the boys go off in search of a game of volleyball.


I know it’s not far away, but why not spend Christmas in London? People come from all over the world to visit our beautiful city. I want to stay in the Centre of London with no pressure to be anywhere, to be tourists. To have the time to visit all the festive offerings, as London is cram packed with them. To walk along the embankment, have afternoon tea and see a show. Take a bus tour and see the festive lights. It sounds a perfect way to spend Christmas.

4 great places t spend Christmas, The Diabetes Uk London Bridge Challenge

This year we are spending Christmas at home, however every year I say we need to go away. Next year I need to organise and make it happen before these boys of ours leave home.