My Weekly Round Up, And Relax

Ha ha relax, of course I haven’t I never get the time.

What I mean by relax, is this week I have had a little breathing space to catch up. Get the house straight, organise my desk and catch up on emails I have been meaning to send.

It has also been a reflective week, I have been thinking a lot about style and how I have lost my confidence a little in that area. I put that down to spending a year out of an industry that is so dependent on fashion. I am sure it is because when I started my blog it was a haven away from that. But now I am realising I miss it, something that has run through my veins since I got my first job in a salon at the age of 12 is not easy to get out of the system.

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My Weekly Round Up, Birthdays and Award Ceremonies

Now I am not bogged down with the negative side of the industry and education I feel ready to talk about fashion and hair a little on my blog.

Having a teen can also had an effect on your confidence. If someone believes you are not cool you start to believe it. Even if only a little. So this mama is claiming back her cool. And I have to say I am feeling just a bit giddy about it all. What do teens know anyway, they may think they know it all, but really, do they? The first step will be getting braver and putting more photos of myself on my blog.

Can you believe it has snowed this week!

It’s too early for snow and when you live on the top of a hill it’s just not funny. I have a feeling about this winter. And as one of my friends pointed out this week, there are loads of red berries. That is meant to be a sign of a bad winter. And when its bad we can’t get out at all! Add wind into the mix and we can get 6 foot snow drifts, which is fun until you run out of wine and hot chocolate ha ha.

My gin of the week is this cheeky little Tanqueray, this is more citrus in favour than berries. But really fresh and light. Maybe goes down a little to easy, the perfect bottle to always have in just in case. And at around £18 a bottle the most reasonable priced gin I have tried so far. Yet you would never know that. It is great. And check out the website for some amazing cocktail recipes. Although I am not sure I am quite ready to mix my gin yet.

My Weekly Round Up, And Relax

Next week  two of my besties are celebrating their birthdays, so sending those special ladies lots of love, I will be thinking of you both all week. I have a trip to Birmingham planned and an exciting event. We will also be visiting some favourite friends so a busy week planned. Hope you have a fab week.



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