Pink Sky At Night

I know I harp on about this little tree I can see from the end of my garden.

But I love it, it’s always there. Can you love a tree? The answer is yes. If I had to describe it, I would say it feels how James felt about the Snow Man. Looking at it makes my heart swell a little. And a pink sky is a rare event.

Pink Sky At Night

Wandering up to admire it makes me feel so lucky. It may well be the same tree, but its the same tree in different seasons, weathers, under differing skies. Every day is different. Its incredible how one little tree can look so different on a daily basis. Maybe I am totally bonkers? But to me, every-time I look, I see something different. I get excited when I see an usual sky, I generally grab my wellies and set of up the garden to check out the tree.

Chris and the boys are so used it now, they don’t even bat an eye lid. Unless I am in the middle of cooking, then they moan as thy know my concentration is off dinner and on sunsets and trees. Fortunately cooking is a shared job in our home, one I mostly share with Chris!

Pink sky at night