My Weekly Round Up And Home

Summer is over, wow that went quick didn’t it?

We came back home and down to earth from a mad couple of days on Tuesday. It has been fantastic but a bit of a whirlwind. I have learnt so much from this summer and how I will plan my trips for the future.  And how long we will travel for in the summer. Of course our amazing Dubai trip was a competition prize and was wonderful. But I really should have filled our time up before that.

My Weekly Round Up And Home

It has been quite hard being home for the summer. I was so excited about all the things we would do. But in reality, I was a glorified taxi driver for the boys.  Meaning they had a great time, whilst I was frazzled, fed up and got nothing done. Life changes so much as they grow up and need you less. It’s a funny stage as they aren’t old enough to fend for themselves, but want to do their own thing.

The frustrating thing was on the rare occasions it was hot and sunny and I thought hoorah sunbathing day, they wanted to go out grrr. Fortunately Joe and I had a few lovely days out together but next year we will plan a summer trip that keeps us away for at least a couple of weeks.

The boys get on so much better when they are traveling.  And we can all do things as a family rather than them being distracted by football, going out and wanting to spent time in their room. I have a few ideas but need to pin them all down to agree and get some flights booked.

My problem is when I have too much choice I can’t decide.

I keep changing my mind. Once the flights are booked I can focus on planning rather than being a child in a sweetshop and keep changing my mind.

My ideal would be Dubai for a week and a cruise. Or an American Road trip and the Caribbean either an island or cruise. Or a French or Italian adventure then a cruise! See I can’t make my mind up!  There is so much to see and explore in the world, so many placed I want to see.

My Weekly Round Up And Home

My Weekly Round Up And Home

But one thing I love about going away is coming home. It’s always sad when our travels end, but then we arrive home to the gorgeous Lancashire countryside and I remember how lucky we are to live somewhere so gorgeous.

And for now I will embrace getting back to normal, I am off to join the gym this week I have wanted to do it all summer but not had time. And am looking forward to being able to work in peace. I know the boys are happy to be getting back to school and routine, because we all need a little routine in life.

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