My Weekly Round Up, And Catch Up Time

This week has been all about having catch up time. I have had so much to do this week,  loads of photos to edit. I also have loads of garden photos to take, but what is going on with the weather?

The rain was torrential last night, I hope and pray the bad spell has passed by the time the holidays arrive.  I have grand plans of picnics and days chilling out in the garden.

Creating A Garden Chill Space with TK MAXX,,My Weekly Round Up, And Catch Up Time

Jack has struggled somewhat with his crutches, he has moaned so much and been an awful patient. He took his diabetes diagnosis so well, he just accepted the fact that he would inject himself 4 times a day for the rest of his life. Yet cannot cope with a pot in his leg.   The hospital decided on Thursday that it was more of a torn ligament than a fracture and removed the post. He is now pot free and so much happier, although there is a 4-week ban on sport.  I know he will follow this advice, he wont risk having to wear a pot again.

My Weekly Round Up, And Catch Up Time

This week it has been about catching up and coffee. I love my new Nespresso Machine and all the delicious flavours. I may have drunk a few to many the day it arrived, I was a little giddy. But no good ever came of drinking 6 Nespresso’s after 5pm. I am however enjoying the different flavours throughout the day; they feel like such a treat. And it is the perfect addition to a Bailey’s Cocktail

Chilling out with Nespresso Coffee and Cocktails, My Weekly Round Up, And Catch Up Time

I am going through a reflective period in my work, looking at what I am doing, planning, trying to set some goals. I am having a wonderful year and although it is important to be happy and enjoy life, it is also important to keep sight of your goals. Sometimes I have too many plans, I really need to sort through them and prioritize. What I am loving, what makes me smile from ear to ear, is getting to be creative on my terms.

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