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A Ridiculously Good Idea, Life and Fathers’ Day

This post is all a bit random, you see I started out taking photos of delicious Lindt chocolates for fathers’ day. But I may have eaten a few. And I may have also put a few aside for when a friend bobs in for coffee later. And they may have been a fathers’ day present

You see I struggle with fathers’ day, Chris is most kind wonderful person, the best husband and dad he could possibly be. He is very hands on, he and boys are season ticket holders and spend their Saturdays together supporting their beloved Burnley football team. He gets soaked on sidelines supporting them as they play football. He is always in there in the thick of it with the boys.

When he and Jack came home hysterical the other day, laughing at a conversation they had at Chris’s Mum and Dads, they were discussing buying a new Mac, my heart could have exploded. They just have this rapport, a mutual respect for each other. They laughed for hours, in fact were still recalling the conversation the next day.

A Ridiculously Good Idea, Life and Fathers' Day

So yes, he deserves an amazing present, but what do you buy the man who has everything, who wants nothing, and is super fussy buying clothes? Only last week he announced he had invested in a ride on lawnmower. Now this makes me so mad, whilst I would hate a lawnmower as a gift. In fact I would probably consider it grounds for divorce. If he did want one, why didn’t he discuss it as a possible gift option?

He has a season ticket, and a membership at our local country club. He needs NOTHING arghh. And clothes are not an option, you can’t buy clothes without him being there.

A Ridiculously Good Idea, Life and Fathers' Day

However you can’t go wrong with delicious Lindt chocolates can you? Well, you can’t go wrong, unless you have  just eaten them! I did have a few boxes, but have gradually shared them with friends, Chris and the boys, but I had saved one special box especially for fathers’ day. Something lovely to open with the promise of going shopping for clothes that he could choose himself.

So now what? Well, I can nip out for some more chocolates and go for a long walk to burn off the calories and it will be like it never happened. I do sort of blame Chris, as if he was easier to buy for this may never have happened? But then he does love good quality chocolates.

A Ridiculously Good Idea, Life and Fathers' Day

One though I had as I took these photos this morning, before eating said chocolates. Is firstly yes, I am lucky in life, I have a wonderful husband 2 amazing but crazy boys. Although let me tell you I wouldn’t wish teenage hormones on my worst enemy. I thought toddler tantrums were tough but oh my, not compared to teen tantrums. They are rare but explosive. Toddlers are cute to a degree when they throw a paddy, but teens?

Chocolate and good wine most definitely help to handle stroppy teens. In fact parents with teens should be issued with a teen survival pack consisting of earplugs, dark chocolate and wine!

But here I am on a Thursday morning preparing for coffee with a friend, eating chocolates that maybe I shouldn’t? Whilst I take photos on my beautiful new vintage table that I am totally in love with. It needs a bit of TLC but it is gorgeous. And I got to thinking, going self-employed was a ridiculously good idea. I am so much happier in myself.

A Ridiculously Good Idea, Life and Fathers' Day


A Ridiculously Good Idea, Life and Fathers' Day

I work with people who are kind, respectful, who have become friends. I still keep in touch with some of my old friends from work. But now I have this feeling of freedom that I have never had in my working life. An excitement that starts building on Sunday night, rather than dreading work on a Monday morning, I get a buzz every time I press publish.

And if I want to eat chocolates, meet friends and then go for a long walk, then as long as I meet my deadlines then I can!

It’s not about things, sometimes its about feelings, happiness and freedom. And honestly I would 100% say if you have an idea and the passion to go with it, then go for it, youare in charge of your own success and hopefully you wont ever look back.


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  1. 19th June 2016 / 10:29 pm

    I love this post Sarah, and yes can I order a teen survival pack please. You definitely need good quality chocolate (LOTS) and wine (LOTS) to see you though the teen years. I believe that our husband’s teams will be meeting on the first day of the new season, Burnley v Swansea. Not that I take an interest in the sport. I am so glad you took the decision to go self employed, I just need to book a pinterest session with you as I am still clueless lol x

    • SarahJChristie
      19th June 2016 / 10:35 pm

      Any time in fact he hubby comes across for the match come over with him and we can have a coffee and pinterest chat, and yes teen survival kids should be a real thing ha ha, and yes being self employed is the best decision I have ever made x x

      • 19th June 2016 / 11:05 pm

        Do you know what Sarah that would have been fab, but just been informed the match is on Morgans 14th birthday. So I am guessing Hywel will be watching it on MOTD . Definitely up for a coffee and pinterest chat though sometime x

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