Creating A Stylish Bathroom With Limited Space

When we moved into our quirky little house we really didn’t consider that the awkward shapes and thick walls would make some jobs just a bit of a nightmare. I mean don’t get me wrong I love our little space, but there are lots I would change about it in heartbeat.

One job we have been meaning to do for quite a while is our upstairs bathroom, we start to plan it then we stop! We can’t agree on what we want or how we want it to look to make it a stylish bathroom. Then we get despondent and book a holiday instead.

CLANRICARDE GARDENS II, NOTTING HILL : Modern bathroom by Ardesia Design

Clanricarde Gardens  II, Notting Hill by Ardesia Design

But this is not going to get the job done is it? A weekend in Barcelona is just wonderful, but this won’t help when I am ranting about not having a shower up-stairs. So, I have decided I really need to get on a mission, build some inspiration, and start planning to turn our very plain uninspiring bathroom into a spa like haven.

Homify is a fantastic website where you can do just that, plan and build look books and ideas for home makeovers, it is all well and good browsing and seeing great ideas but I need to be able to bookmark them, and here in my little Bathroom Ideas file I am building a bank of images to inspire and help us when shopping for my new bathroom.

Here is my problem, our bathroom is built into the eaves of our roof, and to say it is an awkward little space is an understatement. However though my look book I have picked up a number of tips and features that will maximise space and make our bathroom feel ultra cool and spa like.

Keep sink units narrow and long, this gives the illusion of space, and unit with storage enable you to store toiletries away keeping the room looking modern with clean lines and no clutter. Team this with a large over mirror to bounce lots of light around the room.

West London Victorian Property : Eclectic style bathroom by FrenchStef

West London Victorian Property by FrenchStef

Calverley Park : Modern bathroom by Robyn Falck Interiors

Calverley Park by Robyn Falck Interiors

Build the shower into the eaves, yes only a toddler can shower in the lowest area, but with cleverly designed glass panels it looks spacious and modern.

West London Victorian Property : Eclectic style bathroom by FrenchStef

West London Victorian Property by FrenchStef

And you can still have a lovely big bath as it can be placed in a dormer window giving you the head space needed to get in and out of the bath.

West London Victorian Property by FrenchStef

Sometimes for me I search and search for inspiration but the idea has to be right, and I really feel these little tips are just what I needed to start planning, as I now I know I can achieve exactly the right look I want to achieve in our awkward little space. 

All images courtesy of Homify 

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