Top 5 tips for a stress free Easter trip

When my lovely friends from Q Hotels asked me how I prepared for family breaks and how we mange a stress free Easter it really got me thinking, anyone who reads my blog know all I think about is traveling, and spend ages planning trips. With Easter coming up I thought I would share our tips on how we manage stress free family travel.


Top 5 tips for a stress-free Easter trip

  • Do your research; there is nothing worse than being stressed because you are in an environment that is not child friendly. I always look for a hotel that welcomes families, has a pool area or sports facilities of some kind, and is close to an exciting place to explore.
  • I also look for lovely rooms; we love to be in beautiful surroundings. Somewhere you can go for a walk, and a hotel that has a restaurant and bar area so we can eat if we decide to. The boys love a hot chocolate before bed, so a hotel bar allows them to enjoy a hot chocolate, whilst we enjoy a glass of wine.

Tips for Stress Free Easter Travel

Our half term Q Hop

  • When researching locations, I look for places the Boys would love to visit, somewhere that is fun, yet they can learn something. And also somewhere Mum and Dad can have a nice meal. Cities like Manchester, Leeds, or the very beautiful Stratford-Upon-Avon are perfect for family breaks, I could go on here the list is endless. The UK has so many wonderful places and experiences to offer families.

Top 5 tips for a stress-free Easter trip

  • Build a holiday survival kit; I usually make a kit up for each of the boys. Although Jack is growing out of it a little now, sobs.  I pack a personalised notebook with their picture on the front, and pens and pencils. A pack of top trumps or cards, Joe loves cars so I always put a couple of cars in.
  • And comic or puzzle book, and some healthy snacks such as raisins. They don’t get to see their holiday survival kit until we are in the car, this way they are entertained for the whole journey with things they have never seen before. I also put a film onto their I pads and take their earphones so they can watch a movie as we travel. Board games are also great additions.

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  • Prepare for bad weather. British weather is so unpredictable isn’t it? So I always prepare a list of indoor activities, every town and city has a museum and even if they are sometimes not excited by the idea, they always get engaged and enjoy themselves. I also look for Jacks favourite shops, as a teen he loves certain brands and enjoys shopping for himself,  this is always a winner. Or find a hotel like Hellidon Lakes that gas its very own bowling alley

Hellidon Lakes Golf And Spa Resort, Q Hop Day 3

So those are the Christie tips on stress free on your Easter trip, I love showing the boys the world and all it has to offer. I hope it creates memories for the future and inspires them to continue traveling throughout their lives and with their families.