Bouncing On Beds And Lazy Sundays

I don’t know about you but I love my bed, it that feeling at night when you climb in exhausted and breathe, you have no jobs to do for at least 7 hours hoorah. Don’t get me wrong, I love life, but I also love sleeping, and lazy Sunday mornings sat in bed reading the news and chilling with the family.

They say you should change your mattress every 8 years? So we are due for a change soon, but with that change I feel I want to change the style of my bedroom too. Our current bed is wood and I am ready for a change, the problem is I have no idea what I want, all I know is something different.

But it has to be right; there is so much to think of. Will it be comfy? I used to worry about the bed being to high, you see I think bouncing on beds is a must when you are small. I remember spending hours happily jumping on my bed as a child, feeling I was so high I was flying. I wanted our boys to have the same luxury and happy bed bouncing memories. And they did, we had a lovely low bed and they bounced to their heart’s content, until we moved. Our current bedrooms are all built into the eaves, so bouncing on beds now comes with a risk and the need of a crash helmet.

Fortunately their bouncing days are over. Now the boys seem to get stuck to their beds by some invisible force, it appears to be much stronger at the weekends. Some days only the threat of cold water can break that force. I must say though, to all those parents out there not getting sleep, you do have the prospect of the force to look forward too.

Some Saturday mornings I will sit at 9.30 maybe even 10 and thinking, hmm I really should try to get the boys up, then I make a coffee and decide that they looked tired yesterday so another half an hour wont hurt.

I think now my priorities lie between comfort and style, I have though long and hard and am still torn between a few looks. I have had a look at some of the great styles at Furniture Village and come up with a top 3.

My first choice is the Katherine King Bedstead, I love the style of this, it can be dressed to suit several styles, making it easy to change bedding, and colour schemes. And can be dressed to look either vintage or modern.

Bouncing On Beds And Lazy Sundays, with Furniture Village


Or do I want to embrace vintage and go for the Camille bed which is part of a range, with coordinating furniture. This set would suit simpler, plainer bedding, but would look perfect in my country bedroom.

Bouncing On Beds And Lazy Sundays, with Furniture Village

Or for a more modern vintage look I love the Allesia bed, which I am thinking could be a winner. It comes in a variety of colours, however I can see the grey working in our room. It looks comfy for Sunday morning chilling, and would look perfect filled with beautiful scatter cushions.
Bouncing On Beds And Lazy Sundays, with Furniture Village

I ma still not fully there, of course to move forward I need to decide, but whatever I decide I know that those glorious Sunday morning lie inns ahead. The prospect of chilling and having nowhere to be,  just a day with the Christie boys, cooking a roast and long country walks and reading the news.

Images courtesy of Furniture Village.

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