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Z Frame Cases, With New Super Wheels

I might have mentioned before that I have a slight luggage and bag addiction; I can spend hours trawling the Internet for the right suitcase or bag.

For me there are a few factors you must consider when traveling and buying luggage, a luggage set must be

  • Easy to manoeuver
  • Lightweight
  • Have a zip compartment
  • Look great
Z Frame Cases, With New Super Wheels

Being easy to manoeuver and lightweight are most definitely the most important factors to me, and Z Frame has listened to their customers. We recently tested Z Frame cases and loved them; my only slight negative was that because the wheels were static I Could only pull the cases along behind me. The new design addresses this and Z Frame has incorporated 360 degree wheels. This has made such a huge difference to the maneuverability of the cases, for me this is a huge deal.

Now I see you may be rolling your eyes, 360 degrees wheels so what? Well, let me tell you a little tale. After a 9 hour flight to Miami in August and hours and hours getting through customs the Christie boys were a little frazzled and shall we say slightly tetchy, oh and a little un-cooperative to say the least.

When we finally got our luggage Chris and I were teetering on the edge, and did we have change for a trolley, or was the change machine working? Much to our despair the answer is no to both. Miami airport is huge, and we now had to find and get the transfer on bus to the Miami Hilton. The only way I can describe the transfer bus system at Miami airport is chaotic, there is no dedicated bus stop, the buses just drive along slowly a rely on you to flag them down, it’s a very odd system. And with Miami having many Hilton Hotels there are many Hilton buses.

Z Frame Cases, With New Super Wheels

Chris and I were running back and forth like demented ferrets trying to locate our bus, with no trolley, 3 cases between us and then the added burden of Joe’s hand luggage, which by this stage he was unable to carry.  This my friends is when lightweight cases with 360 degree wheels are your best friends. I have tested the new improved Z Frame cases and can confirm that these babies will be able to cope being at Miami Airport hunting down the Hilton bus with the Christie boys in foul uncooperative moods.

It all ended well we made it to our hotel, and within 20 minutes I was de stressing with a nice glass of wine and the boys were decidedly chirpier.

I mentioned weight, this is huge the Z Frame cases are so light that when I was testing the last set they nearly blew of my balcony in a gust of wind. Now assuming you are not going to leave you set of Z Frame cases outside empty on a windy day this is the best thing ever, I recon that the difference in weight from my old set of case equates to a couple of pairs of shoes and several outfits.

Plus they have an inside zip, this is perfect for zipping your smalls into. And trust me when I was sat on the floor at Turk and Caicos Airport removing magazines and toiletries because I was over my allowance I was safe in the knowledge that my smalls were safely zipped away, and never had the embarrassment of retrieving them from the floor whilst the queuing crowd looked on in amusement. Yes, I have seen this at the airport before the poor lady was mortified.

I suppose what I am trying to tell you in my jumble of travel disaster tales, is that the new Z Frame cases are wonderful, if you have great, easily maneuverable and by that I mean you can literally pull them in any direction as-well and alongside you very easily, lightweight cases. Then you can concentrate on the other stressful things that occur when traveling, such a tracking down moving busses with grumpy kids in tow.  And for me this set of Z Frame cases tick all the boxes for stress free travel, I started with the statement that the cases have super wheels and I hope you can agree that actually traveling with super wheels is the way forward.


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