Happy Rainy Days Rainwear, And Why I Am No Style Icon

In many ways this beautiful raincoat has been the bane of my life, you see I had visions of creating beautifully staged pictures with it. Set in fab London locations. Perfectly styled on white marble staircases, or on zebra crossings. What I didn’t factor in was the rain; yes from the day that my Happy Rainy Days trench coat arrived it has rained.

A result right? And yes in many ways it was, I have had a few events and trips and needed a stylish raincoat.  Had I not received this coat I would have struggled with my umbrella in the wind in London, and most probably got soaked anyway, soaked to the skin waiting for the train that was an hour late last week, and soaked on the shopping trip with the boys last week, when I had no spare hands to hold an umbrella as I was holding all the shopping bags.

Happy Rainy Days, Trench Coat

I was in London, but in the rain. Rushing between our hotel and event venue, trying not to get soaked in the rain. I did try to get a few shots, but the wind and rain were just not co-operating at all, and neither was the time.

I did get a good blogging friend to take a few quick shots bur she never had my lovely trench coat on so was trying not to get wet. So there you have it, a huge dilemma, writing a post about a raincoat but it is raining to hard to get photos.

So I got Jack to take a few when we were out shopping, and well, the less said about those shots the better, and then today I tried myself to get full shots and nearly fell over! Joe stepped in to help and did do better that Jack. So the moral of the story, take a selfie stick and look a muppet but at least you can get the shot you want, and never trust you teenage son who is quite good at photography as he will find it funny to highlight your worst features grrr.


mac 2

But really, is it all about the well-styled shots? Or is it about the fact that actually whilst messing about trying to get said pictures, I was warm, comfortable and dry.

I love the style of the Happy Rainy Days Trench Coat, it comes in a wide range of colours and to be honest I really did struggle to choose. The sizing is very generous, I went for the medium but could have got away with a small, but decided I may want to wear a chunky sweater so the medium gave me a little versatility. It is also surprisingly warm, when I was stranded for an hour at Preston Train station at nighttime, the coat kept me comfortably warm. I don’t think it would be suitable for freezing temperatures, but for shopping days and city breaks this is just perfect, lightweight, stylish, and most definitely waterproof.

At £115.00 the coat is great value and a classic style and colour that I know I will be bringing out every year. I love the styling, with the coordinated lining. And the fact that it has a hood for me is a real winner. But now I need it in Bibi Blue, check it out it is just beautiful. And because it is so timeless I wont feel guilty getting it in a few different colours. After all it is an investment.