Telling A Little Pink Lie!

Now before I start this little admission please let me assure you that I am normally a stickler for honesty. We have brought the boys up to understand that honesty is always the best policy. So having told a teeny tiny little mistruth is eating away at me, but trust me dear friends it was all done with the best intentions.

constelation 5I live in a house of boys, they are men’s, men even the dog! I remember the day I tried to buy a set of pink fluffy bathroom towels. Chris and the boys were virtually hyperventilating in the shop. And you guessed it. We bought green fluffy towels.

So when I got the chance to try out this beautiful Constellation Galloway set I might have told Chris they only come in pink. There it is, its out there I told a little white lie! The set actually comes in a choice of 4 colours. But the plain truth of it is I just wanted pink.

Yes, I ran the risk that Chris would refuse to pull the cases at the airport. Or even refuse to stand with me. But do you know what? Sometimes a girl wants a little pink in her life, and on this occasion I decided that it was a risk I was willing to take.

But let me tell you a few things about this fantastic set of cases that made all the difference.

The cases have integrated locks; on our last trip the locks were smashed off our cases by airport security. And while I will never ever complain about great security on this occasion they damaged one of the cases. Integrated locks can be opened by airport security without damaging your cases.

Constelation 2They are lightweight, we have 4 sets of cases at home (yes I have a slight luggage addiction) and these are by far the lightest, yet the hard shell means your belongings are well protected.

They have four 360-degree wheels on each case. This makes the cases so easy to navigate. I recently took a case to London and found it super easy to manoeuvre on and off of the trains, the underground and around London.

They have internal straps and a zip compartment, prefect for packing small items and securing your luggage.

constelation 3They are mega stylish. And do you know what? Chris does not seem to have a problem with the colour, it appears that for him it is much more important to be able to navigate the cases around the airport, whilst I am taking photo’s, checking Instagram, Twitter and all the other blogger holiday airport things I do.

This fab set costs £199.00 and I just know, little pink lie aside I am going to enjoy our travels together.